fréquence trt astra

Comment *pls how can I track another network on same position as tstv am bored of watching Yayi alone, @collins: you can add another LNB and use a 90cm or 60cm dish to track Nigcomsat. pls sir I installed multi tv and nigcomstat together but now is only the nigcomstat that is showing but the multi TV is no longer showing, Thanks Lemmy. As we all know Astra satellite is a powerful KU band satellite which provides a top quality of satellite TV service to many regions. Your email address will not be published. To be able to do this on your own, read this article. Plz sir I hv been tracking tstv wit d latset code 11556/v/30000 bt signal did nt com up I dnt no y. Secondly are the still in their back up. I am an installer on satelite installation. I’d love to buy a mytv approved receiver bht for i want to be sure of the paid channels yet subscription-free channels in addition to the usual FTA ones. Pls ,when will the tstv channels be available? Nigcomsat-42,5E. Also can you give an update as per the working frequencies now. @yeboah: here you are, good morning sir, I still appreciate all your help for us in this digital world. @Dean: your lnb or lnb cable connection is bad. Pls. Please can you give your usual direction as to how to track tstv on the new position. They must sit up. Satellite and channel information updated daily. You are done. Please only one frequency on tstv 11090/30000V showing other not show, the channels just appear on screen. @Jonathan: it is pretty easy. Popular Satellites: Nilesat 7 w - Astra 19E - Hotbird 13E - Es'hailSat 25E - T rksat 42E - Badr Sat 26E - Hispasat 30W - Amos 4W Astra 28E - Yamal 90E - Eutelsat 5W - Yahsat 52E - Satellite Coverage - KingOfSat - FlySat good morning sir and happy New year, plz sir I live in Port Harcourt Rivers State i tried to track SES @4.8° degree east: 90cm dish with the In the afternoon it will disappear showing Bad Network. @Mahama it depends on how big the dish it. Good afternoon Mr Morgan. For example, Now, adjust the elevation of your dish and you may need to shift the base of the dish to the left side incrementally like 1-2 inches while standing at the rear of the dish, Once you receive a strong enough signal, then tighten the nut at the polar mount. @andy: just a few. I am not hiting high frequency what is the proble? Sir ,how can I truck tstv I am in Zambia?.please help I need, Please sir, hi Lemmy, please my decoder only picks like 13stations what shoul I do, pls i live in Lagos, Ajah lekki area, how do i get tstv docoder, What’s happening to TSstv? Your agents are selling it for either #1000 or #2000.They said it works with startimes. Pink TV: Lifestyle: Telekom Srbija: Conax: 20004: 41: 42 ser : 40 : 41 : 2018-12-26 +: Prva Srpska Televizija How much is the tstv subscription and how do I get it sir. Policy assessment capabilities in ASTRA cover a wide range of policies. Thank you, @azeez: they are showing currently. Satellite in intersat 42 close to Nigcosat? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. help me . Lastly, you can buy their decoder from their head office and branches nationwide. @Emma: How to Effectively Troubleshoot Signal Loss on Your Tracking Devices During Satellite Dish Installation, Even sir pls, when track tstv and nigcomsat together which will come first. i really appreciate how you have been assisting the beginners of using satellite receivers for the first time and, those who don’t know how to update, scan, and many more just to mention few. @alabekee: by calling your local satellite installer or pointing it back to the position yourself, good afternoon sir, since yesterday tstv on Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E is not showing. Get our updates delivered straight to your inbox... Don't worry, we value your privacy and will never spam you. Since sports contents are the cornerstones of the income of any pay-TV company. Thanks Mr LM for the update.. TRT Spor HD - Free Now - Turksat Frequency 10963 V 14166 5/6 Turksat 42E the channels were still there. pls help me send the latest sassy price, i need 20 pieces so hw can i get them here in kaduna, hello sir, plz whats d best T/F code to track TSTV . Thanks, @Adamu fika: LNB2 works like tlink for SDS mode only, Hi Guru Lemmy Morgan, I did tracked Tstv back and is working but the channels in 11476v30008 and 11556v30014 are cracking but only the channels in 11513v30010 are the ones playing smooth. Thanks, @Emmanuel: Use TStv specific frequencies with a good LNB. so long their footprint is in your region. the reason is that tstv has reduced their signal so, you may need a bigger dish for a slight improvement in signal stability, Thank u guru Morgan, I marvel at how u re able to follow this ashewo tstv up n down like this, thanks I appreciate. stated. thanks, Mentor Morgan, please Sir I just want to confirm maybe tstv is still on, @eromidayo: try all the frequencies. Hey Lemmy! I stay in ibadan. Any solution to that?? Hi Lemmey Morgan, I am Roland Komah from Liberia can I get tstv and nigcomsat channels the dish(100cm) with single LNB ? Thanks, @Chisom: please read this for update, Plus sir. if yes , do we need to change frequency and symbol rate ? Hi sir, ur post is really helping keep up d good work. Frequency 12014V30000 but nothing is coming up. @Abu Sadique: please use the latest frequencies. What should I do? says. You can’t encrypt an unstable service. I so much appreciate your info on sat tv. Tstv is still very much off-air as at 22-10-2019. Copyright 2020 Some stations are not showing picture but only audio pls what can I do? Hellooo lemmy i am in Rwanda can i trck tstv ? yes you can track with that frequency here in Liberia with 90cm dish. IT should be noted that if  TStv ever pirate satellite tv signal in the future, i will stop selling their receivers at once. It fluctuate. Because mine was off since 3 days back. Frecuencia y polaridad 11553 H. ... Cese previsto por Astra el 29 de febrero de 2020. Sir, is Biafra tv still on? Thanks, @Panlo: you are correct. i did it and i was able to track it. Please is tstv still working i can figure it out on my kwese decoder. The available subscription pins for tstv are as follows: The new tstv Africa decoder cost between #16,000 and #20,000 (be sure to get the best deal from us). Reply. I use a 60cm dish. connect to us and watch any thing you desire to watch live and direct from marksat tv, If you have issue with your satlite or you need a professional Installer just dial this number Wat other satellite can MBC channels be tracked on now that NIGCOMSAT is offline. All the channels in this list are viewable on TStv decoder. 07037098846(DOZIE DSTV) My strong decoder received mama Africa movies, kids but its on radio or audio, why not TV to show picture? Temps partagé. I always appreciate your dedications. Tstv is temporarily still available as free to air. I’m Yeboah from Effiduasi, Ghana. Cese cumplido el 1 de marzo de 2020. español. Therefore, I shall be presenting all the channels that TStv decider is capable of opening as images. What’s going on? This means, you can select the channel you wise to watch and you can also pause your subscription. I am not hiting high frequency what is the proble? Is tstv back on air? Satellite and channel information updated daily. If you haven’t purchased their decoder(s) in the past, you will need to buy their decoder to be able to continue enjoying their channels. Is this the case or something went wrong with my set-up. Eutelsat 28A (28.5º East) was nearly co-located with Astra 2 satellites at 28.2º East. I’m in abuja The three are not showing at dsame time on one decoder. I use the 90 cm dish. bETTER STILL CALL YOUR INSTALLER TO HELP YOU WITH THE INSTALLATION. Introduction / FAQ Define your Profile Most recent updates (News) [+] Most recent additions / changes [-] Most recent removals Most recent updates (News, FTA) Most recent updates (News, Hotbird 13°E) Most recent updates (News, Astra 19,2°E) Satellite Directory Reception Reports Temporarily Free To Air (156) Channel Directory Packages Email me [email protected] or whatsapp me 09052336979 I wud luv u to do programming intallation of dstv on a ship at onne wharf asap cos it’s urgent, Thank you so much brother Lemmy.. Lemmy,tell those installers in Ghana to call me 0240468261 bcos l have done mine n it is working……. @ 45°e I am using csat c8 pro+ all I got was yayi tv. Mr Lemmy is Tstv on or off as at today 09/11/2019? rectificar. plz i don’t know whether multi tv is no longer on that frequency, @Alaye: that is because tstv is currently off on 45e. As for whether they are gone for good, am sorry, no official publication has been released to that effect. Once they are encrypted, you won’t be able to watch their channels free of charge anymore. Hi Mr Lemmy Morgan please are tstv Channels operational on azerspace 45°E and what are new frequencies to track them and what about trybe and televista are they going to be back on Nigcomsat ? TRT World. Mobile Tutorials, Satellite & IPTV tutorials, PC & Automotive Tips, This post was last updated on December 4th, 2020 at 08:57 am, Apparently,  TStv Africa’s broadcasting signal is now more stable. Thank you for reading my questions and God bless. Thanks Lemmy for the prompt response. @ohoja chukwunomso: you can do both of this under channels manager. thanks sir, happy new year my honourable Mentor, pls sir live in Rivers State Port Harcourt, I tried to trackSES @4.8° degree east and i used 4Seven Channel frequency on Astra 28.2°E Satellite . Is there any decoder that has the capability of adjusting to changes in new frequency without me necessarily shopping for new frequency and symbol rate? This will augment the list above. TStv Latest Frequency & Position on  Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E, Suffice to say that you will need to align your dish to point to the new TStv Africa Orbital position at 51.5ºE. So I will just have to rescan ? My tstv is off please how can i get ther new frequency or which other setlite can i enjoy apart from multi tv,naigcom sat and arewa, @David: No new frequency for now for TStv. @Garba: please read this very carefully, Which site in Abuja we will get TSTV Decoder to buy, Pls. Are my transponders correct? Frequency - 10723H 29900 3/4Channels:Private Spice, Frequency - 11179H 27500 3/4Channels:Daring TV, Frequency - 11662V 27500 3/4Channels:Redlight HDHustler HD Europe, Frequency - 11727V 27500 3/4Channels:SCT HQDiablo XTV2Redlight TVSCT4SCT5SCT6SCT7SCT HD, Frequency - 12322H 27500 3/4Channels:Dorcel TV, Frequency - 12476H 29900 3/4Channels:Free-X TVFrench Lover, Frequency - 12722H 22000 3/4Channels:Hustler TV, Frequency - 12285V 27500 3/4Channels:Dorcel TV (11pm - 5am), All prices are in GBP. I was told it is due to an upgrade. But just need to rescan. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sir, if my fta decoder is not h.265 compactable it will not show tstv signal and channels? @Lemmy, pls I need your help. DY says. is free? Fo this reason, I will be selling it and I can also help those who want to be a sub-dealer in their respective location across Africa. @Favours: One thing is certain, they have not encrypted their channels. Please Lemmy my mbc is not showing again on tstv on tribe showing and the signal is high I don’t no if they change position, @Adenuga: tStv is currently off on most of its channels, Hello, are tstv channels currently showing or scrambled on intelsat? I ask because I live out of Nigeria, my location is Liberia, @Godfrey: yes, you can track it outside Nigeria, hello Godfrey. Want to track it on the new frequency.. Tnx. In addition, they also show la Liga games on their Grande Sports Extra channel. I have been able to track Nigcomsat channels but how do I track tstv using Nigcomsat? What is going on about tstv signal since, since on 25/06/2018 my tstv receiver lost signal, i complaint. Currently I’m using SR4940 decoder. In this post, I will be dishing out a regular update on TStv new frequency,  position,  as well as their channels.Â. Chaînes de télévision par les satellites Astra [19,2° Est] Astra 1KR, Astra 1L, Astra 1M, Astra 1N ... TRT World HD. @Charles: yes. please update me on current and stable fta sports channel now and and as usual December updates on fta channels. Once you scan the channels, you will see things for yourself, Hello sir I like update for strong 4955 to see sunna tv with my card, Few showing even when I blind mine what next, @Onyinyechi: you need to track your dish with the new frequency. My questions are three-folds: I just noticed today NIGCOMSAT is off the air, or is there another frequency now? It depends on the position your dish is facing as well as its size, Great information. Pls how can I track them? Hello Mr Lemmy, prof pls is there any reason for this? 3 channels. Fine Mr, am Tanzania this position of TSTV cavarage i can get ? News About The Official TStv New Frequency and Position December 2020. Maybe another question is what what channels that one can access without subscription on MyTV (16e)? Check back later, Yes sir Lemmy I tried it by tracking nigcomsat first but couldn’t get the tstv, How can I track both nigcomsat and tstv using 1.6 miters dish. Only time will tell if they have fully acquired the rights to these matches or not. It works in night and nearly only 1 frequency works but with difficulty. NigComsat has no foreign news channels, thanks. @adesina: Lemmy Morgan March 2019 Updates on Sat TV, IPTV, Cheap Data & other News, Thank u so much for ur updates, pls what can i probably watch with my 4669x decoder , can I view tstv ? Kindly confirm if that is the case, thank you. I discover that in the afternoon, the signal quality (Green) is never steady; it comes and immediately disappear. How can i view the FTA channels Sir. You can find me on 0788 73 0403 for help. I don’t know if we could be able to watch yayi TV on tstv anymore. I was able to track tstv since a week now. Pls I need help, I av two decoders strong and alphabox, I track multitv, nigcomsat and tstv and use disec to link it inside but d problem is that only tstv and multitv that’s showing on alphabox while only multitv and nigcomsat is showing on strong. Turksat Frequencies TRT World HD TV frequency on Eutelsat 7 Satellite : In Satellite, there are many spanish Channels that Broadcast Various Programs on spanish language. Thanks then can u do an article on how to use tracking meter to track satellite…I’m a newbie. to connect with you. Midas, help me on how you where able to track tvst. Sitemap |. First track Nigcomsat you need two LNB though. So do you havr information about Ghanaian cband channels st 34w? You need an H.265 decoder to open all TStv channels. Nigcomsat and Tstv…. Aside from this, their mode of subscription would be in the form of pay-as-you-view. @Timbise: hopefully soon. Currently let me give atry at Abs3w again, Hello sir, thanks so much for the unique update on Tutu Africa, please if I may ask , can I use the new frequency as tracking frequency to track Tstv Africa with ease as of now? The latest TStv Africa decoder has some of the highest encoding technology that we have out there. Hello Lemmy, tstv and NigComsat seem to be unstable during day time. Great information. Luc, it’s working fine in Rwanda and whole East Africa, with 60cm and above (using a good lnb). you just made things easier for me. arount tstv/nigcomsat position. Hello! thanks for your assistance. Meanwhile, the decoder is currently available with their super-dealer and I am privilege to know one of them. In other words, they will soon encrypt their channel so that you can all buy the new receiver. Pls is the tstv receiver free to air/Multi stream . Pls what is the way out?? Thanks. If you use juts any FTA decoder that is not H.265 compliant, you will get only audio without visual. @Ifeanyi: choose the right frequency to track sir. However after several days of search I’ve now tracked TSTV. you mean we can get TSTv on the previous position there were before they went off ? @onalo: you need to buy their decoder or use an high performing decoder with h.265 encoding, Good day, pls can we view TSTV at Agbor Delta State Again,how do we get the Decoder in addition the following frequencies are available 11168 30015, 11086 h 29982, 11043 v 33335, 12560 h 20849, 10972 v 30002, where do u live? Apart from multi TV, nigcomsat and church TV no other TV that some one can install and watch from the east direction, @Sma: List of Satellite TV Frequencies & Channels Receivable in all 50 African Countries, Good even sir once again thank you for your great assistance for the satellite world. I don’t know if it will sir world cup. Good morning, Lemmy. Please bro, what’s the newest frequency for Tstv. if yes details and size of dish, @ola: tstv is still working but no longer showing any sports channels. @timi: i am sorry but it’s time to buy their decoder sir, What do you know about Pipul TV. Watch Queue Queue Please and please, is tstv back? Hmm this is really interesting sir Morgan I want to know as of now is tstv showing? @Moses: if sme channels are off, it is a general problem. God bless U. hello house I need tstv frequency to get my movie real, Good evening please i have been browsing looking for were I can pick up your decoder but this one people are complaining about signal, hope the problem has been resolved? Heloo Lemmy We all know that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. please update me on current and stable fta cartoons channel now and and as usual December updates on fta channels. 14,500 for the decoder only. Do you about Nay Sport on Yahsat ?? I need more help. or 11171, 30000, @Promise: you are correct. Frequency - 10723H 29900 3/4 Channels: Private Spice. (2) Which is more stable position ABS 3A 3W or azerspace/Intelsat 45.0E? @Alaye: did you move it away from 45e in the first instant? thanks. How do I get tstv? Is it that there are other frequency to get tstv or why is mine sometimes different . Can I use 11476/30002/v to track TSTV Sir.? @ebrima berry pls is ur tstv now showing after blind scarning? Allemagne allemand. I don’t know whether my dish have shifted or the one channel is still ttstv, good evening sir, I appreciate your assistance in this digital world, plz sir is it possible to use 90cm dish to track hotbird. @LUc: i think so. How can I rescan my TSTV from the decoder, If you need any installation work both CCTV and satellite mararaba and it axis including Abuja call me on 08145888810( James). Aastha TV International Channel frequency on Astra 28.2°E Satellite . A declassified report from the UK Ministry of Defence, addressing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena within the UK Air Defence Region and code named Project Condign, includes analyses of Black triangle sightings. I will list my channels when it’s back. It contains all shows, movies and TV series and also includes artistic news and star profiles, both Arabic and English Can you inform the house? No signal for some days now, @Obi: it is available on various position. It remains to try to track combined satellites. you should be able to receive it over theirs. Thanks, Comment *good morning mr Lemmy seems Yayi have encrypted their network it’s offline for 1 week now, I salute my great honorable lemmy. @emmysat: 90cm dish. Let’s see how things play out in the coming days. The latest news from their Facebook page on states that you can watch all their around 108 channels on their decoder. Reminding you that tstv is scheduled to padlock its fta channels by 11/11/2018, just very soon from now. I once got them but they disappeared forever! @Nk: am sorry but the signal is too weak to get to SA. Plz sir since tstv have decided to shutdown their satellite or signal. Greetings Mr Lemmy M. I tried the new transponders on 51.5E, and I was only able to get some strange 8 TV plus 2 radio channels on 11010 H 30000. What’s the freq and symbol rate for . pls i want to get kidzone and aljazeral, preach channel, Sir Lemmy, please, is Tstv working now if yes please can I get the TP, Kudos Mr Morgan for the great job u have been doing, pls I wish to ask which of the frequency can I use in tracking Tstv during the day. There are so many decoders out there, please can you recommend one that is very good and can unlock some scrambled channels I mean powervu any decoder please , I think the one I’m using is fake,although it works. You can get the channels on. Thank you a million Mr Lemmy for updating all of us. Hi industrious Lemmy I greet you. I need your help. i almost thought my dish was out of place. if you interesting me helping you send feedback, Hello sir, yes i am interesting that you help but my present location now here in Liberia is in Greenville City Sinoe County, Johnston street, i really don’t know if you are in Liberia or how can you help, @Godfrey S. Sargbe: Please read this it will help your current situation. I understand that at times, change in frequency and symbol rate may warrant adjustment in dish, but I’m sure you get whar I’m getting at. (1) Is there BBC on azerspace/Intelsat at 45.0°E? @grace: yes you can get both on same dish sir/ma. Pls could you help me with MYTV frequency, symbol rate and polarisation. Sir, please is tstv still working or have they shifted again from 51e? Pls wat can I do? 12518 H 29500 and Champion-Champion-55 E. 11045 V 40000 but still to no avail. In another development, we have some free channels that share the position with TStv but that don’t belong to Tstv. how do I delete unwanted channels from my dish decoder and also arraign the existing one according choice. ... Nouvelle fréquence et en clair depuis le 24/11/2017. Sir, I haven tstv signal up to 70% but d grandsport 2 and 3, ait, Tvc, channel, etc are not coming up. How Much Does TStv Decoder Cost In Nigeria and Where to Buy? Is like dstv that also shut down tstv. Hotbird Satellite 13 East. Comment * Hi industrious Lemmy I greet you. Additionally, I was able to get astra 28e using 12525V30000. Satellite TV Channels from : Yemen Vietnam Venezuela Vatican City Uruguay United States United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Ukraine Uganda Turkmenistan Turkey Tunisia Thailand Tanzania Taiwan Syria Switzerland Sweden Sudan Sri Lanka Spain South Korea South Africa Somalia Slovenia Slovakia Singapore Senegal Saudi Arabia Russia Romania Qatar Puerto Rico Portugal Poland Philippines … Remember i didn’t sell it when they launched because they were pirating beIN sports. if you watch non-stop/ 24/7, the preloaded subscription should last between 15 to 20 days. Hi Mr Lemmy. Hello Luc ! but now with nigcomsat n Tstv I can’t get the single. Thanks then can u do an article on how to use tracking meter to track satellite…I’m a newbie. The following gives you an idea of the receiver might cost. Canal 24 … The frequency of TRT Turk Channel on Astra 1N Satellite 19.2E Watch TRT Turk channel live streaming via satellite transmission on your television, The Channel broadcasts via Astra 1N satellite which you can get easily on pointing your dish exactly towards the orbit19.2E. Are they on maintainance? Lemmy can u pls help me with information on how to get MBC Persia. hi my boss how are you.what happen to tstv all my signal is gone off on mama africa did they change frequency today. Comment * WHAT IS THE POSITION OF THE SAT IN NIGERIA, PLS WHICH SAT IS IT CLOSE TO, @SANI SULEIMAN BRP: @Andrew: don’t they have a footprint in Tanzania? Am in Anambra state, Nnewi precisely, My mighty guru pls how can I follow on WhatsApp. Nouvelle fréquence TF1 HD Astra 2020. @Obase: if you can’t get the channels, it means they are off again. 90cm dish Sir can you track channels for tstv here in Zambia? If you would one to buy their decoder through me, send me an email at “. I noticed this since 1st October morning. It is believed that they already acquired the right to broadcast EFL matches. @Emmanuel: they cover sub-sahara africa sir, Satellite is our basse. Most time in the afternoon, you can’t even see the Green quality signal at all. And that is why i said you should not tamper with your existing tstv dish, Mentor Morgan, please sir will I need to reposition my dish before getting the tstv signal or I will only blind scan my decoder, Sir please how many channels are in this position 11010 V30000, morning sir, that means i can change position to 51e, @edwin: yes but only if you know how to get it back to the original position when this new position goes off, Good morning Mentor Morgan, kudos for your great work sir, please I just want confirm maybe tstv is back. If it doesn’t which decoder does the work? Pls bros lemmy I want u to guide me to track new mytv Africa position, pls is it close to 45e degree or nigcomsat 42e degree? Thanks, Hello sir, pls is tstv locked now, because i want to track today and to know if any free to air is available on it. Since TStv has come out clean this time around by not trying to broadcast any contents that infringe on the rights of other broadcasters, I Lemmy Morgan may sell TStv decoders. It seems tstv is going because i notice dere website isn’t available. Please update me about the tstv new frequency. but no respond, pls i need your assistance. With hundreds of channels to choose from on Astra Satellite television, you benefit from an unrivalled choice of drama, sport, films, comedy, information, and more content, for all ages. It means their channels are off yet again. Though all are scrambled except nta international. Ose, Pls Mr Lemmy is tstv still on or off air as today 9/11/2019, Comment *good day mr Lemmy please I rescan my decoder since then can’t watch Yayi TV and my neighbor does pls can u give me a lead maybe I punched the wrong button, Hello sir!

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