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National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal Act. Classification. [58] The 2004 reforms increased CDI independence from the party committee; they were previously elected by the corresponding-level party committee, but beginning in 2004 CDI membership was selected by the upper-level CDI. Such a role was reinforced in the Party's frequent campaigns against its real or perceived enemies in and out of the party organisation. [29] Following his investigation, Zhou was expelled from the CCP. secretary s speech at opening ceremony of course the second part of the training handouts. Übersicht Film Commission Bayern. [99] In recent years the CCDI has issued several regulations on behalf of the central committee, including "Internal Supervision Regulation" in 2004; "Regulations on Inner-Party Supervision", "Provisions on the CCP's Disciplinary Penalties" and "Provisions About Establishing the Responsibility System for Party Construction and Clean Government" in 2005, and "Interim Stipulations: Leading Cadres' Integrity Report" in 2006. [12] Talk of an internal party-control system would not resurface until the death of Mao and the arrest of the Gang of Four in 1976. [25] Forty-nine CCDI discipline-inspection groups in central ministries and party organisations were abolished at the congress (75 percent of all inspection groups), and the CCDI's chief lost his seat on the Politburo Standing Committee. [80] Although the system's history dates back to the 1970s and 1980s, it was not formalised until the 2004 "Internal Supervision Regulation" (ISR). "[104], Internal control body of China's Communist Party, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chinese Communist Party, The most important question for realising fundamental improvement in Party style is to uphold the Party's political discipline, adhere to the. Among them, the first form was used to criticize education to help 236,000 people, accounting for 70.9% of the total; the second form was used to handle 74,000 people, accounting for 22.4%; the third form was used to handle 11,000 people, accounting for 3.2%; The fourth form processed 12,000 person-times, accounting for 3.5%. [94] The first step begins with the receipt of a petition, which is formally accepted when the CCDI has proof (or suspicion) of wrongdoing. [76] In these dual investigations, the CDIs (and sometimes the CCDI) claimed primary jurisdiction over cases involving important party figures and tried to prevent the MOS from doing its work. secretary s speech at opening ceremony of course the second part of the training handouts. Article content. Mail [56] The terminology used in the battle against corruption was changed at the congress; "fighting corruption" became "fighting and preventing corruption". Although the commission is theoretically independent of the Party's executive institutions such as the Central Committee and its Politburo, historically the work of the CCDI has been directed by the Party's top leaders. [16] It would combat corrupt tendencies in the Party and handle individual complaints. [27] His successor Wu Guanzheng found himself in a similar situation, allegedly tendering his resignation in August 2005. [53] The shuanggui system (see below) was established in 1994 by order of the CCDI;[55] it was first officially mentioned in Article 28 of the Regulation on Dealing with Cases of Party Discipline Violations, which came into effect on 1 May 1994. ", "Zhou Yongkang charged with bribery, abuse of power, intentional disclosure of state secrets", "Xi Jinping has been good for China's Communist Party; less so for China", "Women Comprise 5 of 31 Secretaries of Commission for Discipline Inspection in China", "Growing CCDI Power Brings Questions of Politically-Motivated Purge", "CPC graft watchdog stronger and cleaner", "Anti-corruption watchdog to penetrate Communist Party core", "Constitution of the Communist Party of China: Chapter VIII – Party Organs for Discipline Inspection", "Xi Jinping vows 'power within cage of regulations, International Department of the Communist Party of China, "List of secretary, deputy secretaries, Standing Committee members of CPC discipline commission", "Party of the Century: How China is Reorganizing for the Future", "CCP Central Committee Decision concerning Some Major Questions in Comprehensively Moving Governing the Country According to the law Forward", "Central Inspection Teams: What You Should Know Today", "The Intensification of Corruption in China", Central Commission for Discipline Inspection website, Organizational structure of the Communist Party of China,, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, China Communist Party Central Inspection Discipline Commission, This page was last edited on 10 December 2020, at 01:28. Actualités des clubs | Evénements de la Ligue. [25] In the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations Zhao Ziyang's reforms were rescinded, and the former CCDI inspection groups were reestablished. Control systems had existed previously under the name "Central Control Commission" for a brief period in 1927 and again between 1955 and 1968, and under its present name from 1949 to 1955. [75] Direct CCDI involvement has only been cited in high-profile cases, such as Vice Admiral Wang Shouye in 2005 and Lieutenant General Gu Junshan in 2012. Arbitrage. Le Président de la Commission Bernard DEJARDIN. The CCDI was cumbersome; twenty-seven separate procedures had to be completed before an official could be placed under investigation. [75] The head of the CDICMC is customarily also deputy chief of the General Political Department, and (since the 16th Party Congress in 2002) a concurrent Deputy Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. [84] Of the three, bottom-to-top is the least institutionalised[85] and was presented as the moral – but not institutional – responsibility of ordinary party members. In reality, the CCDI was established to check all party organisations except the central leadership. The same goes for decisions on disciplinary actions. [22] Instead of fighting corrupt officials, the CCDI's local branches focused on the rank and file. [60] At the 3rd Plenum of the 18th Central Committee in the fall of 2013, the Party declared that it would "strengthen the 'dual leadership' system [over the CCDI] by making it more defined, procedure-oriented, and institutionalised. Féminines. Research papers of the National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal.. [National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal (U.S.);] -- Research reports and papers prepared for the Commission as part of its research program. LEGRAS Pierre. Get this from a library! [103] To formalise its procedures, the 16th CCDI Standing Committee passed regulations requiring all local CDIs to combat corruption with lawful methods. NATIONAL COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL DISCIPLINE AND REMOVAL 2100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Suite 690 Washington, D.C. 20037 August 2, 1993 The Honorable William Clinton President of the United States Washington, D.C. [13] The system was in place by December 1978, and a corresponding control system in the military was established in 1981 as the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Military Commission. [30] On 11 June 2015, Zhou was convicted of bribery, abuse of power and the intentional disclosure of state secrets by the Intermediate Court in Tianjin. [85] According to Ting Gong, the main problem is that if an ordinary party member lodges a complaint or accuses an official of corruption, "there is no guarantee that personal petitions will be accommodated or even processed as they are subject to further investigation and the approval of higher-level authorities". National Discipline Inspection and Supervision Organs Punished 13 Provincial and Ministerial Cadres in the First Half of 2020, In the first November, 29,600 cases of criminal and criminal umbrella issues were investigated and punished 25,400 people, The national discipline inspection and supervision organs sanctioned 390,000 people including 18 provincial and ministerial cadres in the first September, In the first September of this year, the national disciplinary inspection and supervision organs talked about 267,000 inquiries, The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the National Supervision and Administration Commission, and the mechanism to strengthen the supervision of the property involved in the case, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: The funds and items seized by Zhao Zhengyong have been seized in place, Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs sanctioned 63,200 cadres and public officials involved in gangs and evil. [84] The central inspection teams' structure was reformed by the ISR; before it, they were ad hoc institutions in the fight against corruption. [20] In its 1st Plenary Session, the CCDI stated three overarching goals: to "protect party members' rights", to enforce and safeguard the system of collective leadership "with the division of labor by the individual" and to generally oppose the over-concentration of power in one individual. Commission des Statuts et Règlements. [8] In the wake of the Gao Gang–Rao Shushi affair, the CCDI was replaced by the CCC. Title [National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal : research papers, hearings, reports, executive summary] Corporate Author National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal (U.S.) Description 5 volumes in 4 : illustrations, forms ; 26 cm secretary s speech at opening ceremony of course the second part of the training handouts. [61] According to China scholar Willy Lam, the establishment of a CCDI Organisation Department means "that the CCDI leadership can recruit cadres outside the established channels of the CCP Organisation Department, which has since 1949 been responsible for the Party's human resources-related operations. [75] The first military disciplinary organisation was established in 1955 and was dissolved during the Cultural Revolution. [60] Xi and CCDI Secretary Wang Qishan further institutionalised CCDI independence from the day-to-day operations of the Party, improving its ability to function as a bona fide control body. En raison des perturbations annoncées le samedi 17 novembre 2018 la Commission de Discipline initialement prévue est avancée au vendredi 16 novembre 2018 (de 18 heures à 19 heures). De nouvelles informations seront communiquées dès que le contexte évoluera. [34] As of 2014, five of the 31 CDI secretaries are women: Huang Xiaowei, Hong Qiang, Zhang Xiaolan, Ma Yongxia and Song Airong. [61] On 28 March 2013 the Central Committee ordered the establishment of Propaganda and Organisation Departments in the CCDI, the first such departments in a central-level institution other than the Central Committee. RAPPORT DÉLÉGUÉ – COMMISSION DE DISCIPLINE Vous pouvez télécharger ce document sur notre site Communiqué du District. [41] Bonds were forged with the Ministry of Supervision (MOS) and the Supreme People's Procuratorate to strengthen the anti-corruption agencies' control of "the rapidly expanding party organisation and an increasingly elaborate state bureaucracy". Elected officials must then be endorsed by the Central Committee to take office. La décision prend effet le mardi 29 septembre 2020 à 0h00, en application de l’article 18 du règlement disciplinaire de la LFP. [64] The CCDI proposes an elected Secretary to the 1st Plenary Session of a central committee, which can approve or reject them. Actualités | Actualités du District. [59] Beginning in 2009, localities below the prefecture level began to abolish the practice of a control body in every party-controlled organisation. The sessions are described below. [25] Reformist general secretary Zhao Ziyang wanted to end CCDI meddling in China's legal system and reduce its scope to party-discipline issues. [27], In late 2013, Zhou Yongkang, a former member of the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) and head of China's security agencies, was placed under investigation by the CCDI for abuse of power and corruption, a decision state media announced in July 2014. L. 101-650, title IV, subtitle II (Sec. The Secretary of the CCDI has, since 1997, been a member of the Politburo Standing Committee and, since 2009, served as the leader of the Central Leading Group for Inspection Work. Album . At that time the commissions tended to participate in political struggles, most notably the purges of Zhang Guotao and Wang Ming. [103] Signaling their serious intent, the CCDI, the CCP's Organisation Department, the MOS and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued joint "Regulations on Honestly Conducting Business by Leaders of the State-Run Enterprises" in 2005. In 1993, the internal operations of the agency and the government's Ministry of Supervision (MOS) were merged. secretary of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection City area on behalf of course participants on the Forum of the National Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. [80] This system is supervised by the party committee and the CDI at the next higher level. Download PDF National Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission … [53] In 1995 its powers were increased further, with each CDI given the responsibility to vet officials before their appointment to a post. [102], Under Wei Jianxing, the 15th CCDI reviewed an estimated 1,600 corruption-related party regulations and documents in the run-up to the 16th National Congress; of these, an estimated 1,100 were still considered viable. [53] According to the amended party constitution, local CDIs could initiate preliminary investigations against members of the local party committee at the CDI's level before a formal investigation began. [74] The report is then uploaded on the CCDI's website and made public. Indeed, it may produce even better results. [79], The CCDI (and its local affiliates) enforces the inner-party supervision system. [1], The 5th National Congress again amended the party constitution, adding a chapter on control commissions and their aims but devoting little attention to their operations. [75] The modern incarnation of the CDICMC was formed in January 1980 under the direction of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Übersicht About Us. [27] Although neither resigned before the end of his term, they were unable to increase CCDI independence from the committees or end the Central Secretariat's interference in its activities. strengthen and im. [83] Every party member is subject to supervision, but the ISR emphasises that leaders would be its focus. [32] He was sentenced to life in prison. DOGUET Richard. There are times when we [i.e., discipline inspection committees] want to file a case for investigation, but leaders consider various aspects of the situation and decide provisionally against investigation.... From one perspective, investigation may make sense, but in the larger scheme of things it may make sense to put the issue aside for a while. [50] These problems were widespread, leading the Third Secretary to say that "considerable and, in some cases, shocking obstructions in the [CCDI's] work [occurred often]. [69] ODIS and its ten divisions are responsible for investigating breaches of party discipline and unlawful acts by party members. Research Papers of the National Commission on Judicial Discipline & Removal: en: dc.provenance: Citation prepared by the Library and Information Services group of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University for the ETHXWeb database. "[51] The commission became the defender of party orthodoxy, party organisation, rules and regulations, the Central Committee and democratic centralism (defined as obeying the Central Committee). Commission Départementale des terrains et installations sportives . Pub. secretary of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection City area on behalf of course participants on the Forum of the National Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection. PRÉSIDENT. La Commission de Discipline décide de suspendre le joueur d’un match ferme. "[76] Since its inception, the MOS' jurisdiction was unclear; most government personnel, as party officials, were under the purview of the CCDI. [73], Inspection teams are not empowered to initiate formal investigations, make arrests or mete out punishments. Get this from a library! [11] Despite its abolition at the congress, little criticism was directed at the CCC during the Cultural Revolution;[12] although CCC Deputy Secretary Min Yifan was criticised by the Red Guards, a revolutionary youth movement independent of the party (but inspired by Mao) during the Cultural Revolution, most of their disapproval focused on his career on local committees rather than the CCC. [96] Shuanggui does not condone corporal punishment and the accused is, in theory, respectfully treated until proven guilty. CHOUTEAU Jean-Jacques. [97], —The 18th CPC Central Committee's "Decision Concerning Major Questions in Comprehensively Moving Governing the Country Forward According to the Law", published in 2014[98], CDIs at every level have, as one of their most important duties, the authority to issue and interpret regulations. Elle n'est plus prête à laisser passer les gestes d'humeur ou de brutalité. [44] Elections of its Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Secretary-General are held at its 1st Plenary Session, held immediately after a national congress. [6] Although it focused on abuses by party veterans and senior officials, the CCDI rarely appeared on record at that time as investigating (or solving) those problems. [66], The Standing Committee is the highest body when the CCDI is not convened for a plenary session. [64] Before the 2014 reforms it was difficult for the CDIs to carry out their responsibilities;[58] although they no longer needed approval from the secretary of the corresponding-level party committee, CDI officials were often appointed to positions of power within the institutions they were tasked to supervise (see above). In English, the name of the body has been translated as "Central Discipline Inspection Commission" (CDIC). Commission Nationale de Disciplines Associées.Hapkido France. [7] The few mentions of CCDI inspectors in the press highlighted their failures. [10] Its power waned during the Great Leap Forward, but the CCC, the Secretariat and the Organisation Department became the chief weapons in the aftermath of the Great Leap to combat corruption and reverse verdicts on rightists. [45] The chief problem during the early 1980s was CCDI links to local party committees. Commission Technique Départementale du Football Féminin. [44], According to Lawrence Sullivan, during the 1980s some cadres saw the CCDI's lack of independence as problematic;[45] they argued that it should be independent from the Central Committee, not involving itself in the committee's power struggles. [90] Andrew Wederman wrote that by looking at the "offences based on annual reports by provincial DICs contained in provincial yearbooks", its responsibility includes 20 types of offences; "[a]rbitrary and dictatorial exercise of power, [a]narchism, [f]actionalism, [f]avouritism, [i]nsubordination, [h]eterodoxy (such as bourgeois spiritual pollution, leftism), [p]rivilege seeking, [n]epotism and use of Party authority to advance their families, friends and relatives, [b]ureaucratism, [a]dministrative inefficiency, [c]ommandism, [h]oarding, [p]etty corruption, [f]raud, [e]mbezzlement, [t]heft, [s]muggling, [b]ribery, [i]llegal acquisition of and dealing in foreign exchange [and] [w]asting and squandering public funds". [103] During this period, it published "Plan for Building Honest Morals and Controlling Corruption from 2004 to 2007" and the six-volume "Complete Regulations on Building Honest Morals and Controlling Corruption Within the Party" in an effort to institutionalise the Party's anti-corruption system. Was wir tun; Aktuelles; Netzwerk secretary s speech at opening ceremony of course the second part of the training handouts. [60], The CCDI underwent another round of reforms under general secretary Xi Jinping, elected in the immediate aftermath of the 18th National Congress in 2012. Guoqiang. [11] The CCC played its new role until the Cultural Revolution, a socio-political movement which lasted from 1966 until 1976, when it was affected by purges (partly due to its close ties to Peng Zhen, one of the first highly ranked officials purged during the Cultural Revolution). [2], The control system was reorganised as the Central Review Committee (1928–1933), the Central Party Affairs Committee (1933–1945) and the Central Control Commission (1945–1949). [62] The CCDI intends "zero tolerance" towards CDI officials breaching discipline themselves, and they will be "exposed by name in the media" if they break the rules. [75] Since 1990 the CDICMC's work has largely been carried out by the PLA's General Political Department, the military's highest political body. Président : Joël GRISONI Membres : Jean-Claude CHARDONNET Patrick BEL ABBES Ziane TAHAR Christian TRON Michel PELLETIER Rôle de la Commission Appliquer les Règlements Généraux FFF, Ligue et District des Alpes. [75] When the CDICMC completes such an investigation, the case is usually given to military prosecution authorities for court-martial. Comrade He Yong. Président : Jean-Marc BOULORD Membres : Mme Aline BLANC - MM. [76] Before 1987, the CCDI was responsible for issuing administrative sanctions to public officials;[76] since it enforced party discipline and the MOS enforced state law, in theory "the two agencies operated in separate spheres". [26] CCDI Secretary Wei Jianxing allegedly tendered his resignation "on the eve" of the 5th Plenary Session of the 15th Central Committee in 2000 to protest the commission's impotence. Pub. MANCEAU Fabienne (Représentante du Comité de direction) BOURNEL Jean-Luc. [45] This was opposed by the CCDI leadership, with Huang saying that loyalty to the Central Committee was "more important" than fighting corruption. The current secretary is Zhao Leji, who took office on 25 October 2017. [89], According to Graham Young, the CCDI's "responsibilities deal with four types of offences: [w]ork mistakes, [p]olitical mistakes, [l]ine mistakes [and] [c]ounter-revolutionary actions". Related items. [18][19] However, the election of these people (and others) was purely symbolic; the new CCDI consisted generally of people who had never been involved in control affairs, and overwhelmingly of members considered too young to be taken seriously. National Commission on Judicial Discipline and Removal Act. "[91] Although the CCDI overlaps the MOS, it has more responsibilities since it is obligated to prevent breaches of party rules, norms and other non-criminal behaviour. Championnat National de Football. [60] The reforms consolidated control and supervision resources (including finances and personnel) under the auspices of the prefecture- or county-level CDI, which became an "umbrella supervision organ" of all party-controlled bodies in its area of jurisdiction and those below it. [21] During the early 1980s, the 11th Central Committee was forced to enact emergency measures to combat corruption. [73] The CCDI and its inspection teams initiate ordinary and intensive inspection of party organisations at all levels[73] and, in the eyes of many in the provinces, are a "tribunal of justice": handing down verdicts to the guilty and exonerating the innocent. this act refers to only a portion of the Public Law; the tables below are for the entire Public Law . The Honorable Thomas S. Foley [73] Despite this, there are several weaknesses to its institutional design in the sense that certain informal aspects of CCP rule compete with formal procedures (that the CCDI and its lower-level organs are tasked with supervising) for hegemony; examples are, as outlined Xuezhi Guo, "vague institutional positions, incrementally declining effects as time goes by, vulnerability to patron-clientelism or guanxi network at the grassroots level, and the dilemma of 'open' or 'undercover' investigation". "[8] Aware of Yan'an Rectification Movement successes and CCDI failures, the party leadership used mass mobilisation and ideological campaigns to tackle party corruption during the 1950s. [53] Although each CDI elects a Standing Committee, the 12th National Congress retained a regulation that the Standing Committee must obtain the endorsement of its party committee. Page officielle du Championnat National. In the Zhao Zhengyong case, about 631 million properties were seized and how to deal with the property involved? MEMBRES. The idea of a control system was inspired by Vladimir Lenin in The State and Revolution. Découvrez le nouveau Stadium Mag ainsi que les numéros précédents. [41] However, the Party leadership backtracked; at the 8th National Congress, the autonomy of the CCC and the control commissions was reduced. Since the vast majority of officials at all levels of government are also Communist Party members, the commission is in practice the top anti-corruption body in China. [83] This was probably in reaction to the fact that no institutions except the central party leadership (including the local CDIs) had the de facto ability to supervise lower-level party institutions. [35], The Chinese control system was inspired by Soviet control institutions, most notably the Party Control Committee (PCC). [17][note 2]. The College provides a forum for judicial conduct commission members and staff, judges, judicial ethics advisory committees, and others to discuss professional standards for judges and current issues in judicial discipline. 5124. Commissions. [83], The ISR defines three forms of inner-party supervision: top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top and peer-to-peer. [95] The suspect is then subject to "off-site detention" "to prevent interference from 'local protectionism' and 'factionalism'" (guanxi), preserving the investigation's integrity. We cannot then say that this is the party committee not assigning high priority [to the anticorruption effort] or being overly lenient in meting out punishment. "[70] In addition, there are twelve institutions which are directly subordinate to the CCDI. [64] The CCDI Secretary has a number of elected deputies;[64] currently, there are eight deputy secretaries. Formats. [102] However, the sharp increase in corrupt activities during the 1990s led the Party to change course. secretary s speech at opening ceremony of course the second part of the training handouts. Biddle Law Library- University of Pennsylvania Law School. Comrade He Yong. strengthen and im. [12] Delegates noted that the CCDI's problems were its lack of independence from party committees and the lack of meaningful collaboration between a control commission at one level and those at higher levels. [64] Elected by the 1st Plenary Session of the CCDI, it requires approval from the 1st plenary session of the Central Committee to take office. Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. —Report of the CCDI to the 12th National Congress in 1982, which endorsed the commission's position as an organisational weapon of the Central Committee. Commission de la Promotion de l’Arbitrage ; Commission des Vétérans; Commissions du Pôle Technique et Foot d’Animation. Commission Discipline. In the first quarter, the national disciplinary inspection and supervision organs punished 93,000 people, including 10 provincial and ministerial cadres, Trentino, Ethiopian champion of human rights found dead, Landslide in a residential area in Norway near Oslo - large number of people evacuated, at least five transported to hospital, Trentino, killed for an unpaid salary: Agitu Gudeta confessed to killer. [5], During its early years, the CCDI was not a powerful institution. The Commission was instructed to submit its findings and … [60] These changes were intended to free CDI resources to "solely focus on the work of enforcing discipline". Guide de Formation. Comrade He Yong. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI)[note 1] is the highest internal control institution of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), tasked with enforcing internal rules and regulations and combating corruption and malfeasance in the Party. [8] Other problems were institutional; for example, the commission had no organisation below the provincial level. [11] At the 9th National Congress in 1969 the CCC was abolished, removed from the party constitution and replaced by special-case organisations (such as the Central Case Examination Group) formed under Mao and Kang Sheng.

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