rosier vesuvia grimpant

Ce rosier combine de nombreux point forts : - une floraison ininterrompue de mai aux gelées, et très abondante - une superbe couleur rouge lumineux aux étamines dorées - une résistance naturelle aux maladies Un rosier grimpant très généreux et à toute épreuve. Rosier les Décorosiers. Trouvez le magasin le plus proche de chez vous. The scent of fruit in the orchard, 70 petals, dense foliage and glossy; Inflorescence 4-to 5-flowered. Foliage small, dense and shiny. Tous droits réservés. Height: 2,50 m to 3 m. Fragrant, generous vegetation, it will dress the pergola with a stunning colour ivory, tangy green. Very beautiful foliage. De plus, il est naturellement résistant aux maladies. Climbing roses have large flowers, held singly or in small groups. Diameter of flower is 10 cm. Jul 11, 2018 - Explore Jane Wei's board "Bantry Bay Rose" on Pinterest. Rosier Opalia Grimpant ® Rosier Grimpant, Variété Protégée.Son port recouvrant, sa floraison exceptionnelle et son entretien minimum en font une référence pour massif ou bordure. Floraison de … Il dispose d'une très bonne résistance aux maladies. Rosier arbustif au port recouvrant. Vigour and resistance to diseases that are very rare, this climbing flowers-style "English Rose" to the opening romantic is unique.. Great resistance of its foliage is very bright and blends nicely with the flower. Tous droits réservés, Large-flowered rosebush with a strong, dark-red scent in the young, This warmly striated shrub, all power and hardiness, will bring to your garden, Rose tree Weeping 120 cm KADORA ® Noatraum, Rose TIGE100 cm GOLDEN CELEBRATION ® Ausgold. Diameter of flower is 10 cm. Rosa 'Vesuvia' grimpant est un rosier très florifère qui forme un véritable couvert rouge sombre. Flowering in early summer, often with a beautiful second bloom. A beautiful rose in colours lilac purple, little common, including the beautiful flower cup-shaped, 35 to 40 petals, has an intense fragrance and a penetrating rosé verbena lemon. Exists in climbing, Climbing rose with large flowers double a colour special from the purple to the purple and silver scent intense. Abundant flowering and up to frost. Flowering abundant and generous of June to the frosts. Foliage broad, dull green. Le rosier Trier offre ses grappes de petites fleurs (4 cm) presque simples, blanc crème, au parfum musqué, par intervalles tout l'été. Nos certifications Plant of good vigour, covered with an ample foliage. Dark pink in colour intense cherry, classic fragrance and greenery to the intense activity. Renowned for its graceful flowers pink carminé, on long stems with almost no thorns, this rose, seen in many gardens, is very prolific flowering in all the culture conditions and the like even in mid-shade. Height 3 m, A flower of lovely dimension to the colour yellow ochre suffusé red on shiny foliage. The flower of a sweet perfume rose, of flat shape and of diameter 7 cm has between 20 and 22 petals. CREATION BARTH 2014 ! Height approximately 2.50 m, A pure jewel. Height 2/4 m. Superb variety of flowers with the texture of silk, producing a fruity aroma. Découvrez les rosiers labellisés ADR (Anerkannte Deutsche Rose) proposés par Meilland Richardier. Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! Comme il s’agit d’un hybride, on retrouve toutes les qualités d’EMERA® noatraum, agrémentées d’une Rosier couvre sol ROSIER décorosier 'Vésuvia' de la famille Rosier Rosacées (Rosiers Rosiers couvre sol) en vente dans notre pépinière. In addition, it is quite disease resistant, very winding and provides excellent cut flowers. Flowering soliflore or 2 or 3 flowers. Inflorescence in clusters; Excellent resistance to diseases. VESUVIA Grimpant part à l’ascension des pergolas, murs, tonnelles, clôtures… En plus d’être vigoureux, on lui retrouve toutes les qualités de VESUVIA agrémentées d’une croissance verticale rapide hauteur moyenne 2,5mètres) et d’une végétation dense et généreuse. 35 petals. The colours yellow edged rose bengal, a fruity rose tea, the contrast of the flowers on the dark green foliage is used to decorate a plant very healthy and to the vegetation regularly. The vegetation is elegant and erect, each branch bearing numerous flowers. Scent of meadow and honey. Its double flowers are light pink colour. See more ideas about Bantry, Rose, Climbing roses. Roses in pots : Plant the rose with its root ball by watering thoroughly at planting. Depending on your region and the type of rose, from late February to early April, remember to resize your rose bushes. Production of fruits in the autumn. Height 3 / 4 m, Climbing rose at port flexible and strong, its foliage bright door generously flowers in district red velvet which exude a subtle fragrance (40/50 petals). The roses have a good resistance in vase. Slightly fragrant. Height 2/4 m. Height 2.50 m/+. Many stems uniflores on the same branch. Free-flowering and fragrant. In memory of the wonderful actress, this large rose is original by the power of his colours, as red as blood, very velvety(30/32 petals). The plant has an erect but flexible. Cet excellent rosier grimpant vous offrira tout l’été des fleurs semi-doubles parfumées blanc pur de … When the ground is set, return of the land above the grafting point in order to avoid that the rose never dries out by the wind and from freezing in the winter. Natural resistance to diseases. Et bien que le nom de cette plante de jardin indique qu’il s’agit d’une vraie … Copyright © Rosiers René Barth. It blooms in abundance on a vegetation very strong. Rose bushes in clods : They can be stored for several days at the expense "off-gel" before planting. Rosiers en pots : Planter le rosier avec sa motte en l’arrosant abondamment à la plantation. Its very large flowers (45/50 petals) are highlighted by dark green foliage bright. A Hybrid Wichurana buttons yellow blossoming flowers cream-white, well double, in small clusters. Flowers yellow primerose very clear, 100 flower petals and more. Rosier tige. Nice brown foliage, then dark green. Les rosiers Kordes. Le rosier 'EMERA®', maintenant disponible sous la forme grimpante ! Retrait en Point Relais® de votre choix. Very healthy. Beautiful climbing flowers semi-double red-fuchsia (diameter flower 4 to 5 cm). Erect, very dense, beautiful green foliage bright. VESUVIA. Abundant bloom from may to frost. Small, dark green leaves, 25 petals of pure white with a light heart ivory. This rose scent very intense. It is dedicated to this beautiful region of the lake and mountains of England. Très résistant aux maladies, il convient parfaitement pour les haies que l'on désire voir souvent fleuries sans avoir à les entretenir ou en grand arbuste isolé, ou encore en grimpant. : +33 (0)3 88 71 40 51contact [arobase] Flower diameter 12 cm. Climbing rose that is exceptionally strong with a foliage very dark green "leather" and glossy Height 2.50 m /+, With its beautiful roses in pure white, double, in clusters, which are resistant to rain, this rose has great decorative qualities, it is beautiful trellised on a wall of dark bricks, for example. Rose very resistant.Height: 2.5 m. Delivery to a withdrawal point within 5-10 working days, Home delivery in 24 / 48H France / 2 - 6 Days Foreign countries. Description rosier VESUVIA ® Noare. This rose will delight you with its flowers (40/50 petals of a delicate pink, which bloom in the cup of perfect shape. Growth very vigorous and ample foliage almost persistent. The original color cream clear, widely striate cocoa, and the light fragrance make his a success. Il y a plus de 15 ans, les établissements Kordes en Allemagne près de Hambourg décident de ne plus traiter du tout les rosiers en sélection. Exists in climbing. Small and bushy plant form, it settles within a solid or on the edge. What elegance and what perfume for this novelty ! Probably the most beautiful climbing of the market with its foliage unique evolving from a red pruiné to a dark green, glossy, disease resistance, and its flower is very large (26 petals), a cardinal red dark velvety and above all her divine scent ! On the other hand, it is robust and is flowering again in the course of the summer. Rosier arbustif au port recouvrant. Foliage dark green, glossy. from may to frost. L'ADR® est un label allemand qui est attribué aux rosiers vigoureux et florifères, résistants aux maladies, au froid et aux parasites. Flowers 50/60 petals, diameter 7/8 cm. Moschata. Flowering from may to frost. Put a layer of good soil (10 cm) of vegetable added, if needed 1/3 good potting soil to prevent the roots come in direct contact with the manure. **Discovered by Rene BARTH**Unique ! At the beginning of march, remove the hump. The rose Louis de Funès ® has received three medals, including gold in Geneva and Monza. Vous êtes informé par E-mail ou SMS de l'arrivé de votre colis. Remove the plastic bag, soak 1 to 2 hours the root ball in a bucket of water and plant the root ball, leaving the film around (biodegradable). The button well turbiné composed of white petals hemmed of pink carminé features a reverse gilded. By its shape, this rose is impressive elegance, and class. (David Austin 2000). This climbing produces large blooms (35 petals), elegantly turbines, the colour pink and the reverse side of money. Lorsque le sol est ressuyé, remettre de la terre au-dessus du point de greffe pour éviter que le rosier ne dessèche par le vent et ne gèle en hiver. Place the rose bush and then fill in with soil, packing firmly with the foot to the ground all around the roots. A beautiful rose bush chosen by this great artist, seduced by its beautiful pink dainty of the jolly colours orange nasturtium, that adds a light fragrance. La gamme de rosiers grimpants »Décorosiers »sont des créations aux trois qualités majeures : – un entretien minimum ; – une floraison abondante et généreuse, de mai jusqu’aux premières gelées ; – une résistance naturelle aux maladies et un feuillage brillant presque persistant lors des hivers doux. Attached on a pole, it covers itself with flowers from the bottom to the top of the branches. Rosier Vésuvia noare Nom latin : Rosa NOAre VESUVIA® DECOROSIERS® Dans votre colis : Pot de 2 litres. Approximately 35 petals. Diameter of flower is 14 cm. Flowers in cross section, of a golden yellow very pronounced, and intense fragrance. Est un rosier grimpant à grandes fleurs rosier grimpant dans un massif il est compact et fleurit beaucoup 18 rosier parfumé générosa georges denjean quel. Diameter of flower is 14 cm. Essential tips for successful planting of your Roses : If you already had roses in the same place, change the earth to a depth of 60 cm. Very vigorous and rustic. Rosier very pushing to flowering continuous. Rosier à fleurs simples rouge. 30 petals. Height 3m/+. Rosier Vesuvia Grimpant® (Noa201130) Tous nos rosiers sont vendus sur porte greffe Rosa Laxa (rosiers adaptés à tous types de sol en particulier aux sols calcaires). Rosier grimpant. Good resistance to diseases. This variety lends itself to all lands and to all situations : it flowers even in the shade ! Si vous cherchez des informations sur les rosiers paysager ou grimpant en général (plantation, culture, entretien), consultez nos fiches rosier paysager ou rosier grimpant.. Fleur rouge simple et … Approximately 50 petals. Rose STEM 90 cm WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 2000 ®... Rose STEM 90 cm SWEET DELIGHT ® Adalegski. Magnifique rosier grimpant aux petites fleurs doubles, blanches à coeurs rose. Height 3m/+. Rosa 'Fellowship' is a obtaining british created by Harkness in 1992. DO NOT PUT MULCH AROUND THE ROSES DURING THE 3 MONTHS AFTER PLANTING. Got the AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Dense foliage and brilliant. Excellent resistance to diseases. Rosier paysager arbustif. Choose an airy and sunny (at least 4 hours of sunlight), avoid the proximity of trees or northern exposure. Red single flowers with yellow gold stamens 5 cm in diameter. Voir . Flowers semi-double, 20 petals of pink cherry is very tasty. Make a hole 50 cm deep and make an organic manure (aged manure, or compost 2 years minimum age...). Flowering from may to frost. Splendid rose the colour orange light.Flowering is remontant. Has a resistance to disease to a great level. Prix … This rose flowers grouped is characterized by an exceptional resistance to diseases and its spectacular colours vermillion red will brighten your garden until the end of the fall. Very vigorous and rustic. Height 3/4 m. This splendid climbing will allow you to bring the white button, which is often absent in the decor of our gardens. Vigorous, very resistant, blooms generously and door shiny foliage and texture highly decorative. La Maison Kordes, en Allemagne près de Hambourg. Height 150/200 cm, Rosiers René Barth1 rue des Vignes67440 LOCHWILLERTél. The plant is vigorous, erect, dressed in a beautiful dark green foliage bright. Height 2 m, Climbing rose English port flexible and strong. Watering : Water thoroughly (8 to 10 L per rose) for planting. Acheter des rosiers grimpants en ligne pour des ambiances romantiques dans le jardin. Flowering remontant very generous of may until the frosts, very beautiful vegetation. Ideal to hide a building unsightly or to dress up the trunks of trees. This is a rose which is also noticed by the abundance of flowering uninterrupted by the quality of the plant very strong. Decorative effect permanent. Rosier Vesuvia grimpant ® NOUVEAUTE Noack/Verdia (Allemagne) VESUVIA® GRIMPANT POSSEDE TOUTES LES QUALITES DES DECOROSIERS® : • Résistance naturelle aux maladies • Floraison abondante et généreuse de juin aux premières gelées • Fleurs simples de 4 à 5 cm en bouquets Ideal for decorating and covering walls, arbors and pergolas, fences, old trees. Mini par le nom, grand par le spectacle offert ! Vous êtes artisan ? In the deep cut at the beginning, the flower will blossom soon to form a cutting platform wedges. Good resistance to diseases. Its foliage of a red pruiné becomes dark green and reminds us of the leather. Very large flowers crumpled (80 petals, diameter 13 cm), in the shape of a peony, the charm and powerfully fragrant rose of may. Enfin une rose rouge insensible aux maladies qui comblera vos désirs, autant en plaine qu'\en altitude. Rose tree bedding pure white with beautiful double flowers well resistant to rain. Rosier very winding and resistant to diseases. Idéal pour « embellir et couvrir murs, tonnelles, pergolas, clôtures, vieux arbres…, le rosier ‘OPALIA ® GRIMPANT ® ‘ peut être isolé, en groupe ou en association avec d’autres DECOROSIERS ®. Flowering remontant. Ce rosier bien robuste supporte des températures jusqu'à -15°C. Rose bush with flowers clustered. 2 to 3 plants per m2. You may unsubscribe at any moment. Ce label est un gage de haute qualité et de rusticité. Le Rosier 'Vésuvia' offre une longue floraison exceptionnelle et abondante composée de fleurs simples d'un rouge lumineux. Large flowers in lilac-light purple, and its powerful fragrance make this climbing an exception ! 37 petals around, light fragrance,diameter flower 9 cm. Fleur rose clair semi double. Resistance to weathering and high temperatures. Beauty and elegance of flowers rose Bengal. Essential tips for successful planting of your Roses : If you already had roses in the same place, change the earth to a depth of 60 cm. Foliage bright green. The 1era year regular watering 1 x per week depending on the weather. Beyond 8 days put-in gauge. Check out the Rose VESUVIA Grimpant cheap on our shop Flowers semi-double fragrant pure white to 6 cm in diameter. A rose ideal for picking. Hybrid tea very fragrant flowers form elongated (26/28 petals) of a beautiful dark red and velvety, supported by a rosier robust and flowering. Nouveauté 2015/2016, VESUVIA GRIMPANT vient compléter la gamme des DECOROSIERS grimpants. Choose an airy and sunny (at least 4 hours of sunlight), avoid the proximity of trees or northern exposure. VESUVIA Grimpant part à l’ascension des pergolas, murs, tonnelles, clôtures... En plus d’être vigoureux, on lui retrouve toutes les qualités de VESUVIA, agrémentées d’une croissance verticale rapide (hauteur moyenne 2,5mètres) et d’une végétation dense et généreuse. Rosier grimpant (rustique) Chez Jardiland pour tous les types de sols (ordinaire, sec, riche en humus,…). For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice. A beautiful tribute to this great jazz guitarist, this rose named in July 2014 in Lochwiller, is a surprising variety : cherry red, deep and velvety on the button, it becomes two-tone yellow interior cream at the opening. Découvrez le Rosier VESUVIA Grimpant à petit prix sur notre boutique Promotions 1 rosier offert pour votre commande de rosiers de 50€ TTC Pour les passionnés de roses simples, le DECOROSIERS VESUVIA® est un vrai joyau : il apporte une rusticité à toute épreuve et … Flowers semi-double, red to 4 to 6 cm in diameter. Height 2-3 m. Tilt Symphony ® is a miniature rose bush to bushy habit, colours red, very prolific flowering. The bi-colour effect, white-lined red, is exceptional throughout the season. This rose is part of the rose classic, very decorative with its flowers semi-double, well opened, a beautiful blood-red velvet. Fleurs semi-doubles blanc pur. Du lundi au vendredi 8h-20h, samedi 9h-18h - dimanche 9h-15h. This year again, we have added some selected innovations with always as much rigor among the best breeders of... Rosiers René Barth1 rue des Vignes67440 LOCHWILLERTél. This rose, vigorous the port flared is a good ground cover that we can also plant in the planter. Feuillage vert foncé brillant. the foliage, very dark, enhances one more time this colour is unique in the range of climbing. The bi-colour effect, white-lined red, is exceptional throughout the season. They are a wonderful way of creating height in the garden and, as most varieties are repeat-flowering, they are ideal for clothing structures with abundant blooms throughout the summer months. Rosier robust dark green foliage glossy. Approximately 80 petals. Height : 2.50 m /+, Climbing small development. Le Rosier grimpant 'Libertas', peu répandu dans le commerce horticole, se distingue par la santé de son feuillage, insensible aux maladies, mais aussi par la vivacité de sa floraison. Réservé aux Pros du Bâtiment. You may unsubscribe at any moment. About 20 petals. Gold medal in Buenos Aires and AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. The flowers of 10cm in diameter, double, cup-shaped, joined together in clusters, sweet-scented stain of dark orange. Number of petals : 58. La volupté du rouge. 30 petals, diameter of flower 6 to 8 cm. Dark green foliage. Ce buisson atteint 2 à 3m de hauteur pour une envergure allant jusqu'à 1.5m. Résultats 1 - 9 sur 9 De ses rosiers grimpants pierre de ronsard palais royal tabarly papi delbard nahema parure d’or rose céleste’[17 les hybrides de rosiers … Very beautiful red rose uniflore. Foliage original, shiny green, persistent in mild winters. Voilà plusieurs années que ses fleurs simples aux reflets de velours et aux étamines pleines de soleil font le charme des jardins. Height 6/8 m. **Discovered by Rene BARTH**Unique ! Golden Rose of the public in Baden-Baden. Plant vigorous and well-branched. This rose will delight you with its flowers (40 petals) that will open in a cup shape and perfect in the colours unique and rare : purple supported ! Newsletter. Height 2m. But he will dress as a grid of a fence or a pergola. 'VESUVIA®', un DECOROSIER® facile et généreux en mode grimpant ! Rose STEM 100-120 cm JUBILE DU PRINCE DE... Rose STEM 100-120 cm ICEBERG FEE DES NEIGES, Rose STEM 100 cm PULLMANN ORIENT EXPRESS ®Baipeace, Log in to your account to receive discounts. Les multiples utilisations possibles du DECOROSIER EMERA® permettaient déjà une totale liberté créative dans les jardins et espaces verts. For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice. Height : 2 m and more. Le rosier grimpant est une plante grimpante qui donne un bel éclat à beaucoup de jardins français. Le rosier Emera a été le premier de la gamme des Décorosiers. Rose The Fairy offers continuous flowering from June until the beginning of the winter. This rose to bloom remontant, is adorned with double flowers, pink, tender and fragrant, early summer to frost. Scent is honey and lemon. Winter Protection : Buttez your rose bushes in November, with the earth in 15 cm of height of branches to protect them from the cold weather. Le rosier grimpant Mini PIERRE DE RONARD ® Meibigboni se couvre littéralement de bouquets de petites fleurs en pompons, rose nacré presque blanc marginé de rose plus soutenu, et ce plusieurs fois dans la saison. Obtained by the rosiériste Tantau in 1957, the rose 'Prima Ballerina' is a rose bush is vigorous and resistant to diseases. Light fragrance. Rosier grimpant à grandes fleurs. The rose 'Fellowship' has a bushy habit and erect, and foliage dense and dark green. The shape of a flower in district, pink color dark cherry, diameter of flower is 8 cm, 100 petals about Small foliage, decorative, inflorescence with 2 to 5 flowers, height 1,50 to 2m, Large flowers in lilac-light purple, and its powerful fragrance make this climbing an exception ! Plant healthy and vigorous. Arrosez le rosier arbuste immédiatement après la plantation, même en cas de pluie, pour achever de bien mettre les racines en contact avec la terre. give a rose bush outside the norm, hence the name XXL. Diameter of flower : 13 cm Foliage glossy dark green and decorative. Home delivery in 24 to 72 hours (before 19:00), Log in to your account to receive discounts. OPALIA GRIMPANT. : +33 (0)3 88 71 40 51contact [arobase] Rosier arbustif à port recouvrant. Hauteur livrée 30 cm. Very uplifting with a beautiful floridity. Height of 2/3 m. Its scent is powerful and rich colours velvet purple iridescent crimson with glints of blue-black berries make it a rosier exception. Diameter of flower is 10 cm. Foliage glossy and healthy. Rosiers label ADR . Vous êtes prévenus par mail et SMS de la date et du créneau horaire de livraison. Service client Allo Houston, ici ManoMano. Inflorescence : flowers solitary. It is a rose plant quite rustic, as it pleases in all situations. .On retrouve toutes les qualités d’'EMERA®', agrémentées d’une croissance en hauteur, rapide et vigoureuse (hauteur moyenne 2,5 m) et d’une végétation généreuse, en volume sur toute la hauteur du plant. Foliage glossy dark green. Height 40/50 cm, Width: 50/60 cm. Vesuvia grimpant ® 29,00 € En stock ! The decorative effect is ensured by the dark stripe that takes on the appearance of the chocolate. Rosier couvre sol ROSIER décorosier 'Mareva' de la famille Rosier Rosacées (Rosiers Rosiers couvre sol) en vente dans notre pépinière. Very beautiful foliage. Always uniflore, it is a colours red deep dark to very bright. Connectez-vous. Very beautiful climbing rose pure yellow light that keeps the colour intact button until withering. Rose extraordinary from purple, violet to mauve, silver-scent-intense and very long. VERY PERFUMED. Roses bare-root : do not leave the air if you do not plant immediately. Its foliage is dark green, and its flowering remontant. 3 € donated to UNICEF by rosier bought. Vos grandes marques à prix Pros ! Très attendu par les jardiniers, c’est désormais en qualité de rosier grimpant qu’EMERA® va apporter du relief à tous les jardins ! Fleurs simples rouges contrastant avec des étamines jaune d'or. The rose 'Pierre de Ronsard'® was awarded in 2006 the supreme award of the World Federation of Societies of Roses being elected " a Pink Favorite around the World." Re-flowering of been amazing. Naturally resistant to the disease. This rose has the strength and the warmth of the scent of Old Roses that we were looking for but had not yet found in the roses of a deep red colour. SIZE : Do not resize, not the branches when planting fall. Le rosier ‘Vesuvia', solide et florifère, est un excellent... En savoir plus sur la variété Remontee Facebook Ripaud pépinières . Diameter of flower is 10 cm. Superb variety with double flowers and buttons very stylish. The opulence of the flowers (50/60 petals), the power of the fragrance, strong branches and a very large floridity. Intense fragrance, fresh, fruity, with notes of rose classic. The early flowering lasts without interruption until the first frost. Very good resistance to diseases. A light fragrance and discreet, and the flowers will bloom from June until freeze-up. Formez un boudin tout autour du rosier arbuste avec la terre en excès afin de retenir l'eau d'arrosage, et de la forcer à s'infiltrer autour de l'arbre, au niveau des racines. Uses : Flowerbed, Rock garden, Balconies and terraces, Borders Width 30 cm. Résistants, ils trouveront parfaitement leur place dans de nombreux jardins. Inflorescence 2 to 5 flowers. The rose Papa Meilland ® has been elected "a Pink Favorite around the World" in 1998.Flower turbines of 30 to 35 petals. Cet article traite des caractéristiques spécifiques de la variété rosier Émera. Leave them in their original packaging in a cool place protected from frost, wind and heat. Flowers of a beautiful dark red ideal for making bouquets. Arrosage : Arroser abondamment (8 à 10 L par rosier) à la plantation. Light fragrance. 3 to 4 /m2, This beautiful shrub is covered with flowers, vermillion red, slightly streaked with yellow. VESUVIA , une variété à partVoilà 16 ans que ses fleurs simples aux reflets de velours et aux étamines pleines de soleil font le charme des jardins.Pour les passionnés de roses simples, le DECOROSIERS VESUVIA est un vrai joyau : il […] Robuste, florifère, parfumée, avec une superbe fructification persistante. Its flower buds are large and elegant. Copyright © Rosiers René Barth. Approximately 35 petals. Ideal for the realization of vertical gardens. Rosier powerful to the ample foliage and very large floridity.. Its flowering remontant is a long scented. This rose is vigorous, compact and balanced, with its high resistance to diseases, in fact, a rose bush actually without worries. Economic, low maintenance, optional size and easy. Rosier Vesuvia ® 19,95 € En stock ! Flowers large and full burst on a dark green foliage and brilliant. The day before planting, soak completely in the water : the roots and branches. This rose has all the charm of its flower-shape former with a tender and delicate colors cream pink. Colours yellow and creamy. Variety remontant. Width 80/100 cm planting density 3/m2. For a planting of spring re-cut the branches from the end of march. Gold medal in Buenos Aires and AARS (All America Rose Selection), reward the most prestigious in the USA. Shrub upright, flowering and resistant, with a large foliage medium green. Voir . Its vegetation is vigorous and its generous flowering designate it with happiness for the uses of the landscape.

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