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For now. It was released on August 30, 2016. It initially included ten 5-man dungeons and two raids.[3]. These upgrades are represented by nodes on your artifact that provide bonuses. Update: Blizzard announced "Summer" for Legion's release date, confirming the "on or before September 21, 2016" launch. However, the titan's blood has been erupting to the surface in the form of a crystalline substance called Azerite, which has tremendous magical potential. There is a PvP honor system that unlocks PvP honor talents and there are separate abilities for use only in PvP that are not available in regular gameplay. [21] The game was released for Microsoft Windows and OS X on August 30, 2016. Venturing to the entrance of the Tomb, where Varian fell, Anduin recovers Varian's sword Shalamayne and, with the help of Genn, Velen and even Varian's spirit, finds within himself the confidence and determination to serve the Alliance as its High King. Learn more about the new PvP Honor and Prestige system here. Ash’golm – an incredibly angry fire golem encased in ice. The players find and kill Kil'jaeden, but Illidan uses the opportunity to open a rift between Argus and Azeroth, setting the stage for the players to invade Argus. Heroic – the initial max-level version of the dungeon. Despite this, Gul'dan was successfully able to steal the body of Illidan Stormrage and traveled to the nearby Tomb of Sargeras and opened a massive portal, thereby allowing the Burning Legion to invade Azeroth. King Deepbeard – a giant who commands the seas. Legion Launch in Europe, the Americas and Australia/New Zealand: Legion PvP Season 1 The new PvP season begins September 21, but you'll be able to begin earning Honor right away with the launch of Legion. Assault on Violet Hold – A remake of Wrath of the Lich King’s Dalaran-based prison, with new beasts. With the help of both Horde and Alliance, the players liberate New continent, new dungeons. Senior Game Designer Ryan Shwayder gave some details on the anticipated patch in a live Q&A. The demons mislead the Alliance and Horde as to the size of the demonic army present at the Tomb, manipulating them into far underestimating the size of the demonic host. This lets your mount go faster, but won’t yet let you fly. Dropping the draw distance a tad might be the easiest solution if you’d prefer the silky smooths to seeing what’s going on in Duskwood from Stormwind. A player is only allowed one demon hunter per realm and must already have a level 70 on that realm in order to create one. Sargeras is pulled away by the Titans, but he hurls his sword into Azeroth as a final act of spite. This is all thanks to scaled zones, which allow all of the Broken Isles to operate as one massive endgame area. Once you’ve acquired your artifact, you’re given the opportunity to choose between Stormheim, Highmountain, Val’Sharah and Azsuna. Dargrul the Underking – wielding one of the pillars of creation as a weapon, this guy will basically throw you about endlessly. They’re essentially Diablo III’s adventure mode, polished up and ported to World of Warcraft to serve as infinite content to players. It was announced on August 6, 2015 at Gamescom 2015. They didn’t learn their lesson in Burning Crusade apparently, and are back for more punishment. Good for some early gear. [15] Warlocks' demonology specialization no longer has the metamorphosis ability because the ability was given to demon hunters; this warlock specialization is refocused around using multiple summoned demon minions at once. [19], Legion entered alpha testing in late November 2015. Here’s the list: Warlord Parjesh – a naga with an angry temprement and deadly throwing spears. Get him out so you can kill him (and take his stuff). Getting it is a bit harder, with Blizzard not having a physical distribution arm themselves. The Demon Hunter's first experiences are portrayed in the novel World of Warcraft: Illidan. [24] On July 19, 2016, patch 7.0.3 introduced all the game system changes, which included the class, transmogrify and item stat changes. Input: Keyboard and mouse required. The first four bosses can be handled in any order as it’s a very open zone. Fenryr – a two-stage fight with a giant wolf. The light of Elune will help you find her out. We sometimes include relevant affiliate links in articles from which we earn a small commission. We also spoke at length to the designers about why. As for beta, you can expect that to begin in the coming weeks, far sooner than anticipated. While the Legion remains a focus of the Broken Isles as a whole, it only takes center stage in one (Stormheim). For example, hunters, who are predominantly ranged and rely on pet damage, had their three specializations changed: Survival allows them to wield melee weapons while fighting alongside their pet, Beastmaster can use multiple pets at once and Marksmanship has the option to forgo their pet in exchange for stronger ranged abilities. Not a nice guy to be around. Save the date: August 30, 2016! The transmogrification system, which allows players to remodel their items' appearances, was expanded with Transmogrify 2.0. So the past 2 weeks of watching people playing Legion alpha, Seeing the all cool new stuff being added. Wrath of Azshara – the final boss, a summoned elemental causing a huge storm. When Blizzard announced Legion in August, I talked about why it signaled the exodus of World of Warcraft's core fan base. The Arcway – The tunnels underneath the city of Suramar. World of Warcraft's sixth expansion, Legion, is set to launch on 30th August, Blizzard has announced. [9] At level 102, quests are available to acquire the other artifact weapons from a player's class that were not initially earned at level 100. The new release date for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is November 23th (NA) / 24th (EU). WoW Legion Private Servers With the Legion WoW expansion, many new features have risen. The players invade Antorus and free the remaining Titans, who in turn force the world soul of Argus to manifest. Smashspite the Hateful – the Legion’s direct presence in Black Rook Hold, dodge his felbat friends and take him down. Dresaron – dragon babies constantly attack you while you try to kill their mother (who is probably evil, don’t worry about it). [2], The expansion raises the existing level cap from 100 to 110, features artifact weapons for each class's specializations, includes a new area on Azeroth called the Broken Isles and introduces the demon hunter hero class that starts at level 98. The expansion allows players to level up to 110 in the Broken Isles, an increase from the cap of 100 in the previous expansion Warlords of Draenor. Both the standard digital and physical versions will set you back £34.99/$49.99. Legion will significantly change the honor system. Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One requires you to explore the continent, finish the major quests, have every faction be happy with you, complete 100 World Quests and finish your Order Hall campaign. He wants your nice shield. Gul'dan invaded the Vault of the Wardens, a prison used to contain dangerous beings from across Azeroth, with the help of the traitorous former Watcher Cordana Felsong, whom he had successfully corrupted to his side back on Draenor. Nythendra Easy (US) 27.09.2016 Elerethe Renferal Easy (US) 27.09.2016 Additional appearances for your artifact are unlocked yb doing quests and other content in the Broken Isles. [3] Unlike death knights, which are available to all races except for Pandaren, demon hunters are only playable by the two elvish races - Night Elves and Blood Elves. Dance her between two buffs to stop her overpowering you. Talents will be the majority of your power bump over newer players, however, and Blizzard have already begun rebalancing classes specifically in PvP by altering their base stats. Here’s the boss list: Hymdall – the gatekeeper of the halls, he summons dragons. [27] During the first week of the game's launch, the number of concurrent players reached its highest point since the 2010 launch of the Cataclysm expansion. For this reason it‘s really compatible and can be played on different panels – World of Warcraft: Legion … Once players hit maximum honor level, they can choose to earn a prestige level that resets the honor talents earned and gives cosmetic bonuses. This is planned for release soon after the Emerald Nightmare, and will reward loot the next tier up. Illysanna Ravencrest – a long-forgotten Demon Hunter from the Vault of the Wardens, returned to her family home full of madness. While the importance of gear will be greatly diminished, it will impact your effectiveness in PvP by a tiny amount. In addition to the existing options to hide helms and cloaks from appearing on a player character, an option to hide shoulder armor was added to the transmogrify system in patch 7.0. Can’t be queued for with a group finder, forcing you to manually find players to party up with. Both the standard digital and physical versions will set you back £34.99/$49.99. ", "World of Warcraft: Legion will arrive in August", "World of Warcraft: Legion Revealed - MMO-Champion BlueTracker", Legion pre-expansion patch 7.0 arrives on Tuesday, July 19th, The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Is Nearly Here, "World of Warcraft: Legion for PC reviews", "Legion - 3.3 Million Copies Sold, Patch 7.0.3 Hotfixes - September 7, Blue Tweets", "2016 HMMA Music in Visual Media nominations",, Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, Video games developed in the United States, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 December 2020, at 06:31. Special loot is given out for doing a certain number each day, and particularly rare ones will give particularly great loot. Tries to clap you in stone fists. They’ll also hang around for a lot longer, so if you can’t log on every day, you’ll have a stack of them to do when you do. Blizzard are completely overhauling Honor, Illidan and Gul’dan Protoss portraits for StarCraft II, Wings of the Betrayer and Demon Hunter horn helm for Diablo III, Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 with latest service pack, Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 or AMD Phenom II X3 720, Video: NVIDIA® GeForce GT 440 or AMD Radeon HD 5670 or Intel HD Graphics 5000 NVIDIA, Storage: 45 GB available hard drive space. Steel yourself, champion. Only by using the five Pillars of Creation, incredibly powerful Titan artifacts, can the forces of Azeroth drive back the Legion. The Nighthold will be next up, and finally see the death of Gul’dan. Ymiron, the Fallen King – back from the Lich King days to become a Warrior class hall follower. "[31], The expansion set sold 3.3 million copies by its official release date of August 30, 2016, matching the previous expansion sales record held by Cataclysm. [32] IGN praised the expansion stating that, "Legion shows World of Warcraft finding its footing again and asserting its relevance after more than a decade. Not everything is dropping on the same day though. PvP seasons usually follow raid tiers or major patches, with Season 6 beginning after Antorus opened. Rokmora – a really big rock. In the other three, primary opposition comes from the Naga of Azshara (in Azsuna), the Old Gods and the Emerald Nightmare (in Val'sharah), and a race of subterranean rock-creatures called Drogbar (in Highmountain). [23], Players who purchase the game will receive one level 100 boost to apply to a character and players who pre-ordered the game receive early access starting on August 9 to the demon hunter class before the official release. Court of Stars – A party in Suramar. The players return home, with Illidan staying behind to face Sargeras inside his prison. Ularogg Cragshaper – as you may have guessed from the name, a rockshaper. Initially, there were ten dungeons in 7.0 with patch 7.1 adding the revamped Karazhan dungeon, patch 7.2 adding Cathedral of the Eternal Night and patch 7.3 adding the Seat of the Triumvirate on the planet Argus - the headquarters of the Burning Legion and the former home of the Draenei. There are six zones in the Broken Isles: Azsuna, the Broken Shore, Highmountain, Stormheim, Suramar and Val'sharah. With his assistance, the class hall orders establish a foothold on the Broken Shore while facing heavy resistance. [22] Legion has the most voice acting of any Warcraft expansion to date. Not everything is dropping on the same day though. Ex… A post on the website appears to confirmed that World Of WarCraft: Legion is coming later in 2016. Other input devices are not supported. Anduin Wrynn becomes king in his father's place, and Vol'jin's last command is for Sylvanas to lead the Horde. All soulbound item appearances players have in their inventory and bank are added to the wardrobe's user interface, similar to the transmogrification system used in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. We have a release date for World of Warcraft: Legion--August 30th, 2016. [10] Demon hunters ritually blind themselves to gain 'spectral sight', allowing them to detect demonic energy from demons and to see stealthed enemies.[11]. The digital deluxe edition, sitting at £49.99/$69.99, comes with these things: Thephysical collector’s edition is a bit sexier and comes witha behind-the-scenes Blu Ray/DVD set, a 176 page art book, a CD soundtrack, and a Legion mouse mat. Watch out for the dragons. Likes to punch the ground, hates paper. As a hero class, a demon hunter does not start at level 1 but instead starts at level 98. It has three zones: Krokuun, Antoran Wastes and Mac'Aree. Darkheart Thicket – You’re off to rescue Malfurion from the Emerald Nightmare. Professions, and everything else involved in getting ready to raid, are covered in more detail in our World of Warcraft: Legion gear guide. The players travel to the surface and quickly meet the Krokuun, the surviving Broken Draenei that were left on Argus. Notably, members of both the Horde and Alliance are seen in the membership of these Order Halls, showcasing the unity of the rival factions in the wake of the Legion's invasion. New technology means it will scale to your level – as will any dungeons there – giving you freedom. [3] Other removals from the game included the Gladiator Stance talent for Protection Warriors, which helped that specialization do more damage at the expense of tanking ability, and the Fistweaving talent that allowed Mistweaver Monks to heal allies by dealing melee damage.

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