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À Pantin, [schedule], AC Milan Club Of New York City watches games at The Football Factory ———————–, Borussia Dortmund Supporters Club of NYC watch games at McHale’s, McHale’s: 251 W. 51st St. (between 8th & Broadway) New York, NY. Grey Bar & Restaurant: 43 W. 26th St. (between Broadway & Sixth Ave.) (212) 532-2643, Lupi di New York (AS Roma fan club) watches at Smithfield Hall En avant, les gars te portent Former Kop of Boulogne groups were also invited, but they declined to partake in the CUP initiative as an entity. The CUP initially believed that, like former Boulogne groups, the Block were also made of far-right extremists and racists. Alaves, Athletic Bilbao, Celta Vigo, Eibar, Espanyol, Getafe CF, Girona, Huesca, Leganes, Levante, Rayo Vallecano, Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Valladolid, Villareal, FC Bayern Fan Club NYC meets at Smithfield Hall, Smithfield Hall: 138 W. 25th St. (between Sixth & Seventh Ave.) New York, NY. This obviously didn't sit down well with the ultras, who had questioned his lack of long-term commitment from the start and now believed it could all be a salary increase strategy. [6][31], Fan violence largely decreased after Plan Leproux, but incidents still occur. First, both fanbases played a match under the Eiffel Tower and then PSG supporters unfurled a giant banner at Parc des Princes with the message "You’ll Never Walk Alone. But we're not going to let them down because of this. [192][193] Other notable PSG fans include former NBA star Tony Parker; American actor Patrick Dempsey; tennis player Victoria Azarenka; judoka Teddy Riner; and record producer DJ Snake, among many others listed below. Pour chaque victoire Ton équipe est la plus forte, So, before the return match at Parc des Princes two weeks later, PSG troublemakers were looking for payback. Subtly aimed at Boulogne, this message was a war declaration for KoB hooligans: Auteuil was the future, while Boulogne was the past. [48][49], Suddenly, the clashes outside Parc des Princes were largely between hooligans of the same team, unlike anywhere else in Europe. Public opinion blamed the KoB, known for its racist and violent fans since the late 1970s. Paris police arrest 148 fans after clashes following PSG’s Champions League final defeat. [31][109] Boulogne sources defended these theories, saying Lorence had distanced himself from Casual Firm a while back. Et ses joueurs [30][31][32] PSG players had been warming up there since 1973, so the supporters were logically invested in being closer to their idols. Allez F.C. (718) 499-2005 Celtic!" In fact, Mbappé turned down Real to sign for the Parisians and bring the UEFA Champions League title to the Parc des Princes. Vois-tu notre ferveur ", "Why do PSG fans boo Thomas Meunier? Qui s'appellent Mimille. ("This is Paris!") [5][83] Infiltrated by far-right extremists since the mid-1980s, the Kop of Boulogne became overtly racist in 1989 with the creation of hooligan firm Pitbull Kop by Serge Ayoub, leader of French far-right association Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (JNR), which advocated violence and white supremacy. Celtic! ———————–, NYC Everton Supporters Club watch at Turnmill in Manhattan and Shorty’s in Brooklyn Page officielle des Supporter de Paris ! Days later, during the next match against Monaco at Parc des Princes, the KoB mocked Supras Auteuil by chanting "Supras, Supras, we fucked you. [15] A month later, however, Lista Nera Paris and Microbes Paris left the CUP due to internal disagreements and self-dissolved,[24][25] while Karsud was excluded from the group and continued on their own. [27] PSG returned to Ligue 1 in 1974, immediately moving into the Parc as Paris FC had been relegated that same year. [11][38][40] In December 2009, hostilities reignited in an away match at Bordeaux, when a Boulogne member exhibited a flag with a Celtic cross while surrounded by Auteuil fans, who then attacked him. [9][48] Both stands clashed again in February 2010 before a match against Marseille. [112][128], Paris Saint-Germain supporters have seen many great players who have lastingly marked the club's history. Allez PSG, allez Paris, Paris-Saint-Germain! [107], But it was their attack on Chelsea hooligan firm Chelsea Headhunters that earned PSG hooligans high praise on web sites dedicated to football violence. It was a friendly against Quevilly (1–3 loss) at Stade Jean-Bouin. [27][33], United under a bulldog's head on top of the French flag, the KoB was mainly composed of three types of fans:[31] Italian-style ultras (e.g. [27][29] The club's oldest active supporters' group, Le Club des Amis du PSG (The Club of Friends of PSG), was founded in January 1975. [51] The Parisian hooligans clashed with opposing thugs from Juventus, Anderlecht, Galatasaray, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Rangers, CSKA Moscow, Hapoel Tel Aviv and Twente. ———————–, New York Foxes  New York City’s Leicester City supporters club watches all games at The Football Factory at Legends [4] Historically, PSG's most hardcore fans have occupied the Auteuil and Boulogne stands. [152] Although he has performed well for PSG when fit, he has also missed half of the team's games through injury, including several crucial Champions League games, leaving fans frustrated and with a taste of unfinished business. (212) 988-1832 They were joined by another ultra group, Puissance Paris, in 2003. Amiens, Angers, Bordeaux, Caen, Dijon, Guingamp, Lille, Monaco, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Mimes, Reims, Rennes, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Toulouse, The Scottish Premier League started on August 4, 2018 [42] In October 2005, Casual Firm hooligans thrashed the headquarters of Tigris Mystic, to which the latter responded by attacking a group of Boulogne hooligans in February 2006. NYC Wolves (Wolverhampton supporters) watch at Jones Wood Foundry. Déchaînes [32] With the transformation of Auteuil into a second stand reserved for PSG fans in 1991, players have warmed up there too. In fact, every major group in Auteuil (Supras Auteuil, Lutèce Falco and Tigris Mystic), as well as ally association Authentiks from the nearby Paris stand, had twinnings with supporters from other clubs. [145][146], Unlike George Weah before him, and later Adrien Rabiot, Serbian striker Mateja Kežman never even won over the PSG supporters in the first place. Other Serie A teams: (212) 929-9677. [51][84] In January 2006, two Arab youths were assaulted by Boulogne thugs outside the entrance to the stand during a match against Sochaux. [6][8] The club allowed their long-awaited comeback in October 2016 for PSG's 2–0 home league win over Bordeaux. [23][96], Though rarely on the same page, Auteuil and Boulogne both respected fans from Celtic and Liverpool since they are two of the most important referents within the supporter movement. [37] Rival fans, who had always sat in Boulogne, had to be moved across the field to Auteuil, which became the away stand until 1991. Smithfield Hall: 138 W. 25th St. (between Sixth & Seventh Ave.) New York, NY. [18][35] Nonetheless, Auteuil wasn't exempt from hooliganism and its first hooligan firm, Karsud, was founded in 1994. [111][112] Both sets of Italian fans don't get along, though. Only the work of police forces managed to thwart the aggression. Chantez Paris-Saint-Germain! (212) 677-2290 Blanc sont nos couleurs! This is the case of Marco Simone, Jay-Jay Okocha, Nenê and Mikel Arteta. [41] Both stands competed for visual and vocal dominance, but Auteuil never questioned the authority of Boulogne. For his part, PSG president Robin Leproux said that Lorence had been caught in the middle of the brawl. [95][96] PSG reacted by imposing a one-year stadium ban and cancelling season tickets to the 100 CUP members involved, most of them issued from K-Soce Team. New York, NY (212) 228-8580. [5], It all changed in May 2003, when Tigris Mystic celebrated their 10th anniversary with a banner that read "The Future Belongs to Us." [50] His short stint with PSG was indeed pretty eventful. [Chorus] [51][54] Boys quickly denied the allegations. [32][37] In consequence, the KoB turned into a white-only stand with racist chants (such as "France for the French"), signs, and Nazi salutes as regular features. ... Astrid bard de canal+ prend chère avec les supporters de Marseille. Woodside, NY. The following season, the CUP held up a banner calling out Mbappé, Thiago Silva and Neymar for failing to 'man up' during PSG's loss away to Borussia Dortmund. ", "Les Supras Auteuil 1991 et le PSG s'attaquent en justice", "PSG - OM : Ces stars qui supportent le Paris Saint-Germain", "PSG v Manchester City emblematic of how Gulf rivals are fuelling football", "La star de la NBA Antetokounmpo et les Milwaukee Bucks en visite au Parc des Princes", "Tennis : la championne Victoria Azarenka raconte sa passion pour le PSG", "NBA : grâce à Jimmy Butler, fan de Neymar et du PSG, Paris aura un pied en finale", "L'acteur Patrick Dempsey fan du Paris SG", "PSG and Brazil star Neymar celebrates 26th birthday with lavish party in Paris", "San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo Admits That PSG Is His Favorite Club", "Karting, PSG, Red Bull : cinq choses à savoir sur Pierre Gasly, vainqueur du GP d'Italie", "PSG aux Etats-Unis. Celtic's visual approach was an inspiration for Auteuil and ultra groups in general, while Boulogne's history was strongly linked with Liverpool. As a result, they have fraternized with more fans from rival teams than their KoB counterparts. O’Hanlon’s Bar: 349 E. 14th St. (between First & Second Ave.) New York, NY (212) 473-5542, Highbury Pub: 1002 Cortelyou Road (bet. [80] PSG has not officially recognize these groups out of fear of provoking a new war between Boulogne and Auteuil. Allez Paris-Saint-Germain! [66] A month later, Lista Nera Paris and Microbes Paris dissociated themselves from the CUP. [124][125] This twinning was continued by the CUP. One Juve supporter was beaten unconscious. Om psg ambiance dans le bar SKREAD_ Loading... Unsubscribe from SKREAD_? Par la manière His idea was to dissolve all the Auteuil and Boulogne groups and recreate two, one unique for each stand, with responsible persons to lead them. [20] They were soon joined by Paname Rebirth in 2018 and Résistance Parisienne in 2019. À Marseille, les supporters de l’OM préféreraient voir le PSG perdre demain en finale et demeurer les seuls vainqueurs français de la Ligue des champions. [31] Over time they adopted left-wing ideas which radically opposed the KoB's far-right leanings, and a deadly conflict arose between the two stands during the 2000s. On crie [35][53] This led to a relative cease of fire between the two stands. [35] They even began exchanging chants and mottos such as "Ici, c'est Paris!" Selon Rudy Gobert, "ça ne va pas gâcher leur saison, "Un basketteur de Detroit se dit fan du PSG", "Joakim Noah: 1998 World Cup is my highlight", "Yannick Noah sur le PSG : "Ce n'est pas le Neymar football club, PSG.FR - Site officiel du Paris Saint-Germain,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 November 2020, at 12:22. are also the club's most iconic mottos or slogans. Seats flew between the visitors and Auteuil ultras during the game, while Boulogne hooligans clashed again with O'Side after the final whistle. In 1991, Arab fans were attacked by KoB hooligans. Thereafter, Boffredo has also been known as "Monsieur Tifos" for imagining, organising and making tifos for every ultra group he has been part of. [41][42], The measure worked; violence bottomed, while attendance steadily grew, peaking in 2000. Indeed, he would go on to be a founding member of both the K-Soce Team in 2007 and the CUP in 2016. [31], In May 2011, ahead of the 2011–12 season, the State of Qatar bought PSG through its shareholding organization Qatar Sports Investments (QSI). Smithfield Hall: 138 W. 25th St. (between Sixth & Seventh Ave.) New York, NY. [41][42] Jean-Pierre Larrue, PSG's head of security, was determined to clear Parc des Princes of hooligans and racists. [89] Parisian fans accused him of making a subpar display since he wanted to leave for the Italian club. [89] However, Lama would then become a fan favorite and club legend for his performances. [6], The first incidents since their return occurred in April 2017. He was at Parc des Princes between 2008 and 2010, scoring just five times across all competitions. [5][27][30] In response, the club put in place an attractive subscription plan called Young PSG Supporters in 1976, placing its subscribers in the K section, the first fan-dedicated space at Parc des Princes. "[17][27], Back then, the majority of people attending Parc des Princes were casual spectators or away supporters, and the stadium was only full when Paris faced more prestigious sides like Saint-Étienne, Nantes, Olympique de Marseille or Stade de Reims. Ville championne Ton équipe est la plus forte, Jones Wood Foundry: 401 E. 76th St. (First Ave.) New York, NY.

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