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[67][68] An autopsy revealed he died from multiple fractures and internal hemorrhaging caused by having slipped in a prison shower on 12 May. Washington, D.C., March 23, 2006 - On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the military coup in Argentina, the National Security Archive posted a series of declassified U.S. documents and, for the first time, secret documents from Southern Cone intelligence agencies recording detailed evidence of massive atrocities committed by the military junta in Argentina. Sąd w Córdobie uznał go winnym śmierci 31 więźniów politycznych w czasie rządów junty w latach 70. i 80.[2]. But one of Videla’s key backers, the late President Ronald Reagan, continues to be honored by Americans. Date of Birth: August 21, 1925 Birth Place: Mercedes, Buenos Aires Join Planet Minecraft! In 2003, Congress repealed the Ley de Punto Final, which had ended prosecutions for crimes under the dictatorship. [66], On 17 May 2013, Videla was reported as having died of natural causes in his sleep while serving his sentence at a Marcos Paz prison. Albano Eduardo Harguindeguy (born 1927) was a general of the Argentine Army, and the interior minister of Argentina under dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, during the National Reorganization Process (1976–1983).. Harguindeguy, allegedly involved in human rights abuses, benefitted from the pardon human rights abuses, benefitted from the pardon 2 sierpnia 1925 w Mercedes w Argentynie, zm. Działała lewicowa partyzantka (Rewolucyjna Armia Ludu i Montoneros) oraz zbrojne grupy prawicy peronistowskiej. [39] The Asamblea por los Derechos Humanos (APDH or Assembly for Human Rights) believes that 12,261 people were killed or disappeared during the "National Reorganization Process". However, testimonies from Jewish Argentines suggest that they were targeted for being Jewish. May 17, 2013, 6:37 AM. He cited the enthusiasm of the Argentine fans for their victorious football team as evidence of his personal and the junta's popularity.[55]. Les élections de mars 1973, marquant le triomphe du Videla was also convicted of the theft of many babies born during the captivity of their mothers at the illegal detention centres and passing them on for illegal adoption by associates of the regime. Photos des personnes disparues durant la dictature. Suggest as a translation of "dictature argentine" Copy; DeepL Translator Linguee. Videla headed a military coup which deposed her on 24 March 1976, during increasing violence, social unrest and economic problems. In early 1976 the mountain brigade was reinforced in the form of the 4th Airborne Brigade that had until then been withheld guarding strategic points in the city of Córdoba against ERP guerrillas and militants. W 1973 roku awansowany do stopnia generała brygadiera. [7] Three days later, Videla took full responsibility for his army's actions during his rule, saying, "I accept the responsibility as the highest military authority during the internal war. La dictature militaire argentine de 1976 - 1983. Une dictature est … His representative, Antonio Samoré, successfully prevented full-scale war. Organisée, instrumentalisée, et même arrangée, selon certains, par la junte militaire du général Videla, la compétition a laissé une trace indélébile dans l'esprit de ceux qui l'ont vécue. In response, the junta hired the Burson-Marsteller ad agency to formulate a pithy comeback: Los argentinos somos derechos y humanos (Literally, "We the Argentines are righteous and humane"). Argentina's former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla during his trial in Cordoba, on July 22, 2010. Ze względu na stan zdrowia, więzienie zamieniono Videli na areszt domowy. Videla appeared mostly unrepentant for the actions against those whom he deemed terrorist subversives. W 1973 roku awansowany do stopnia generała brygadiera. Avec notre correspondant à Buenos Aires, Jean-Louis Buchet S’il y a un homme qui a symbolisé la sanglante dictature militaire au pouvoir en Argentine entre 1976 et 1983, c’est bien Jorge Videla. En tout, environ 30.000 personnes ont été tuées pendant la dictature argentine, selon les organisations des droits de l'Homme. [11], On 7 April 1948, Jorge Videla married Alicia Raquel Hartridge (born on 28 September 1927) daughter of Samuel Alejandro Hartridge Parkes (1891–1969), an English Argentine professor of physics and Argentine ambassador to Turkey, and María Isabel Lacoste Álvarez (1893–1939). Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla died in his sleep while serving life in prison for crimes against humanity aged 87. The slogan was printed on 250,000 bumper stickers and distributed to motorists throughout Buenos Aires to create the appearance of a spontaneous support of pro-junta sentiment, at a cost of approximately $16,117. Join us! [41], Martínez de Hoz took measures to restore economic growth, reversing Peronism in favour of a free market economy. [27] Some 1,500 to 4,000 were drugged into a stupor, loaded into military aircraft, stripped naked and then thrown into the Rio de la Plata and Atlantic Ocean to drown in what became known as "death flights. During a human rights investigation in September 1979, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights denounced Videla's government, citing many disappearances and instances of abuse. His government was responsible for human rights abuses during Argentina’s “ Dirty War ,” which began as an attempt to suppress terrorism but resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians. [44], He freed exports (removed existing prohibitions and quotas and export taxes were repealed) and imports (removed existing prohibitions, quotas, and licenses and gradually reduced import tariffs). Henry Kissinger would meet several times with Argentine Armed Forces leaders after the coup, urging them to destroy their opponents quickly before outcry over human rights abuses grew in the United States. [5] Videla also sheltered many Nazi fugitives as did Juan Perón before him, as Alfredo Stroessner did in Paraguay and as Hugo Banzer did in Bolivia. Jorge Rafael Videla, (born August 2, 1925, Mercedes, Argentina—died May 17, 2013, Buenos Aires), career military officer who was president of Argentina from 1976 to 1981. Massera, Videla et Agosti, chefs de la première junte militaire argentine de 1976 à 1980. Durant la dictature de Videla, 500 bébés on été enlevé de leur mères à la naissance. “War, by nature, is cruel” Videla said. The latter expressed him his concern regarding the disappearance of another writer, Haroldo Conti.[53]. Le procès du plan Condor et les liens avec les patrons [7][8] On 5 July 2012, Videla was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the systematic kidnapping of children during his tenure. "[63] During the trial, Videla had said that "yesterday's enemies are in power and from there, they are trying to establish a Marxist regime" in Argentina. Yahoo News. L’Argentine est ainsi le dernier pays du Cône sud à basculer dans la dictature. Rozpoczął reorganizacje armii i usunął z niej oficerów sympatyzujących z peronizmem. BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Former dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, who took power over Argentina in a 1976 coup and led a military junta that killed thousands of his fellow citizens in a dirty war to eliminate so-called "subversives," died quietly in his sleep Friday while serving life in prison for crimes against humanity. Videla relinquished power to Roberto Viola on 29 March 1981; the military regime continued until it collapsed after losing the Falklands war in 1982. Democracy was restored in 1983. Roll Random Skin! The report was published in 1984 and documented the sweeping brutality and repression imposed by the military during its seven year rule. Jorge Videla, the former Argentine military dictator who oversaw the forced disappearance of thousands of let-wing activists, has died aged 87. In 1978, however, Pope John Paul II opened a mediation process. Videl zawiesił parlament, działalność partii politycznych i związków zawodowych. There was a wound to heal. “War, by nature, is cruel,” Videla said. Le drapeau de la Corée du Nord, pays sous dictature. [72] Ricardo Alfonsín said it was good that Videla had died in prison. [69] According to a 2009 ruling by the military, he (and others convicted of human rights violations) were not eligible for a military funeral. The military junta is remembered for the forced disappearances of large numbers of students. Former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla dies, imprisoned for crimes against humanity. Il gravit progressivement les échelons et devient général de brigade en 1971, puis chef d'état-major de l'armée en 1973. En 1978, elle s'était déroulée en Argentine dans un contexte très particulier. 17 maja 2013 w Marcos Paz) – dyktator, formalnie prezydent Argentyny w latach 1976–1981. The political process initiated on 24 March 1976, took the official name of National … Historian Daniel Muchnik attributed this to many Jews gravitating to political activism and armed resistance groups such as the ERP and FAP during the period. Le général Jorge Rafael Videla est mort le vendredi 17 mai, à 87 ans, dans une prison près de Buenos Aires. Ses recherches portent sur la dictature argentine, les associations de victimes, les politiques et les lieux de mémoire. "[65] The children were given to military families for illegal adoption, and their identities were hidden. C'est derrière les barreaux qu'il a rendu son dernier souffle. [34], In the book Disposición Final by Argentine journalist Ceferino Reato, Videla confirms for the first time that between 1976 and 1983, 8.000 Argentines have been murdered by his regime. [17] [62] In handing down the sentence, judge María Elba Martínez said that Videla was "a manifestation of state terrorism. By june of 2019, 130 of these adoptees had their identities restored. The report was published in 1984 and documented the sweeping brutality and repression imposed by the military during its seven year rule. [26], According to human right groups, an estimated 15,000 to 30,000[27] Argentines "disappeared" while in the custody of the police or the military. La dictature de Videla en Argentine. Scor from Poison Bugs (the tail sucks) Syn pułkownika wojskowego. Due to health issues, he was later transferred to house arrest.[58][59]. In a televised address to the nation, President Menem said, "I have signed the decrees so we may begin to rebuild the country in peace, in liberty and in justice ... We come from long and cruel confrontations. "[5] On 22 December 2010, the trial ended, and Videla was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. [23][24][25] However, the campaign of repression actually intensified after the guerrillas were defeated and it was during this time, when they targeted the church, labor unions, artists, intellectuals and university students and professors, that the junta accumulated the greatest number of victims. Once the democratic rule was restored in 1983, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1984 between Chile and Argentina (Tratado de Paz y Amistad), which acknowledged Chilean sovereignty over the islands, was signed and ratified by popular referendum. [51], But the new President Jimmy Carter highlighted issues of human rights and in 1978 secured a congressional cutoff of all US arms transfers to Argentina.[52]. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. W 1944 roku wstąpił do armii. In 1977 and 1978 the United States sold more than $120,000,000 in spare military parts to Argentina, and in 1977 the US Department of Defense granted $700,000 to train 217 Argentine military officers. Tout en questionnant les lectures économicistes et celles qui interprètent la dernière dictature argentine comme l’expression du mal ou du pouvoir absolu, cet article analyse les ambitieux objectifs politiques du Processus de réorganisation nationale, ainsi nommé par les militaires. Deputy Ricardo Gil Lavedra of the Radical Civic Union said that Videla will be remembered as a dictator, while Hermes Binner expressed condolences to the victims of his government. Videla joined the National Military College (Colegio Militar de la Nación) on 3 March 1942 and graduated on 21 December 1944 with the rank of second lieutenant. They became known as the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Madres de Plaza de Mayo). 6 nov. 2016 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Videla’s ancestors fought in Argentina’s war of independence from Spain, and his father, Lt. Col. Rafael Videla, joined the coup that toppled President Hipolito Yrigoyen in 1930. [64], On 5 July 2012, Videla was convicted and sentenced to 50 years' imprisonment for his participation in a scheme to steal babies from parents detained by the military regime. The death of ex-Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, a mastermind of the right-wing […] He was 87. [46] The period ended in a tenfold devaluation and one of the worst financial crisis in Argentine history. [70], Human rights organizations throughout the political compass denounced Videla, saying that he died without admitting that he was aware of the disappeared persons and kidnapped children. Rétrospective. During this time, the country was ruled by a military junta headed by General Augusto Pinochet. Open menu. [6], Following a new trial, on 22 December 2010, Videla was sentenced to life in a civilian prison for the deaths of 31 prisoners following his coup. Thousands of citizens were 'disappeared' under his brutal regime. Elle a notamment publié Argentine : mémoires de la dictature, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2015. [71], Several Argentine politicians commented on his death. [42], He enjoyed the personal friendship of David Rockefeller, who facilitated Chase Manhattan Bank and International Monetary Fund loans of nearly US$1 billion after of his arrival. Il est diplômé du collège militaire national en 1944, puis nommé officier. En 1978, le début de la médiation du Saint-Siège entre le Chili et l'Argentine , Dans L'Osservatore Romano, 24 octobre 2008. In 2005, the Argentine Supreme Court ruled that the law had been unconstitutional. W gospodarce przyjął model wolnorynkowy[1]. He largely left economic policies in the hands of Minister José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz, who adopted a free trade and deregulatory economic policy. La dictature de Videla, qui a duré de 1976 à 1983, a entrainé la disparition de 30 000 personnes. The government re-opened prosecution of crimes against humanity. In late 1973 the head of the Army, Leandro Anaya, appointed Videla as the Chief of Staff of the Army. Both men were freed after Bergoglio took extraordinary, behind-the-scenes action to save them, including persuading dictator Jorge Videla's family priest to call in sick so that Bergoglio could say Mass in the junta leader's home, where he privately appealed for mercy. After steady promotion as a junior officer in the infantry, he attended the War College between 1952 and 1954 and graduated as a qualified staff officer. [21], Justice Minister Ricardo Gil Lavedra, who formed part of the 1985 tribunal judging the military crimes committed during the Dirty War, later declared, "I sincerely believe that the majority of the victims of the illegal repression were guerrilla militants". [60] On 25 April 2007, a federal court struck down Videla's presidential pardon and restored his convictions for human rights abuses. Videla -- who presided over Argentina's "Dirty War" -- has died in prison while serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity, according to local television reports. [10], Jorge Rafael Videla was born on 2 August 1925 in the city of Mercedes. [43], He eliminated all price controls and the exchange controls regime. ^ L'Eglise et la dictature argentine ^ Horacio Morel, Videla: quoi penser face à des crimes du dictateur catholique ^ Videla, la douleur quotidienne de la dictature argentine ^ Un modèle de diplomatie. The military junta took power during a period of terrorist attacks from the Marxist groups ERP, the Montoneros, FAL, FAR and FAP, who had gone underground after Juan Perón's death in July 1974, and violent right-wing kidnappings, tortures and assassinations from the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance, led by José López Rega, Perón's Minister of Social Welfare, and other death squads. A military junta was formed, made up of him, representing the Army; Admiral Emilio Massera representing the Navy; and Brigadier General Orlando Ramón Agosti representing the Air Force.[15]. Oficjalne dane mówią o 9 tysiącach ofiar, inne źródła szacują, że dyktator zabił od 15 do 30 tysięcy osób[1]. Menem also pardoned the leftist guerrilla commanders accused of terrorism. brudnej wojny. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. L’histoire de l’Argentine au XXème siècle est jalonnée par les interventions militaires, dont la dictature de 1976-1983 est le point culminant. Many torture victims were said to have seen pictures of Adolf Hitler and swastikas on walls of torture chambers and interrogators uttering anti-Semitic epithets. Last year Videla told an Argentine journalist that the crackdown he oversaw was the price that Argentina had to pay in order to remain a republic. According to the court decision, Videla was an accomplice "in the crimes of theft, retention and hiding of minors, as well as replacing their identities. Translator. Le coup d’État a lieu le 24 mars 1976, trois ans après le coup d’État en Uruguay tandis que le Chili, la Bolivie et le Brésil étaient également gouvernés par des juntes militaires. Le sigle du Nazisme, un des logos et drapeau officiel de la dictature allemande sous Adolf Hitler. Pour le quotidien La Nación, le général Videla est "le symbole de la dictature militaire". Upon the death of President Juan Perón, his widow and Vice President Isabel became President. [75] At the time of Videla's death he was one of two surviving dictators of Argentina. He was 87. Videla was convicted of numerous homicides, kidnapping, torture, and many other crimes. Général et homme d'État argentin.Né le 2 août 1925 à Mercedes (Argentine), Jorge Rafael Videla est le fils d'un colonel de l'armée. Former Argentine military ruler Jorge Videla goes on trial for the murder of more than 30 political prisoners in 1976. The bodies were hidden or destroyed to prevent protests at home and abroad. A private ceremony was held by his family. A military junta was installed to replace her; this was headed by Lieutenant General Jorge Rafael Videla, Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera and Brigadier-General Orlando Ramón Agosti. W ciągu kilku najbliższych lat junta zabiła tysiące ludzi[1]. In this June 1978 file photo, Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla talks to journalists at the Buenos Aires Government Palace, in Argentina. Jorge Rafael Videla était à la tête de la junte militaire qui a organisé, le 24 mars 1976, un coup d'Etat militaire contre la présidente Isabel Perón, en Argentine. Zarzuty, jakie mu postawiono, dotyczyły łamania praw człowieka[1]. 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